08-21-2020 \Hebron Float Trip Friday Night 5:30 pm to Saturday 5:00 pm.  Beautiful weather.13  Friends and Family of Rangers car camped over night at Hebron Access on the North Fork of the White River.  Weather was a low of 65 and a high of 85 nice breeze and water was perfect.  The float was just barely enough water to float and enjoy it.  Thanks to Mark Jones, Sheri Smith and Rob Batchman for sharing there pictures with us.  Click on a picture for a larger view.  Zip file of all these pictures.

Special thanks to Rob Batchman for sharing these videos with us!  Kayak Battles on Youtube    Monster Snakes on Youtube   Kayak Race on Youtube    Cave report on Youtube

Nice gravel bar type camping. Wild no drinking water or bathrooms or cell service.

12 floating in kayaks

Thanks to Jim Evans for a kayak loan!

50 /50 mix on Adults to Youth!

We have a great time!

One young lady got the pink Kayak!

Fine young folk!

Color coded with glasses and vest and boat!

Many years of events with many of these young folk!

Always a few things to cover!

Cave Exploration!

Fireworks Rob!

Biggest fish Rob!

Life Long Friends!

Ok. He has a few issues! HA!

Most Fish!

While the group was exploring the cave..Rob was...

I think we only lost a pair of sun glasses and some tackle this trip

Rob found a fishing pole in a tree in a rapid and retrived it at the expense of flipping!

Lots of Wild Life

Cold air comes out of the cave and you can feel it at the water!

Jon heading up for cave exploring ooooh water is cool!

Always a left over or two. I have a bag full of them!

Going over the don't die and don't dround details!

Perfectly clear water!

Fine young men going into FCF!

Building Charecter and Life long Friendships

Love it when Family comes with us!

Most flipped at least once. Except us proffessionals

Kayaks are the best investment I have ever made!

Young ladies love floating as well!

Cool breeze

Tippi and Mark I had forgotten how straight it goes!

You just have to jump out of a tree on a float trip!

Whats he going to do?

Boat wars. Fire works. Fun!


Sharks in the water when boat warring

Snake City we saw 8 snakes

Love swiming!

Fossil rock!

Snakes making more snakes

Quality fellowship with social distancing COVID!

Love floating!

Boat wars no hitting any person. Only boats!

Stand up and when you fall or go down you can then be a shark!

Boat racing line up!

Nice Float!