So. Mo. District Junior Canoe Expedition 2008 

25 miles of the Jacks Fork. We had a great time a little rain at night and a beautiful day to float. The river was down just a bit and there was

a lot of paddling going and we had a great time enjoying the bluffs, fish, snakes, caves, springs, people and the best part enjoying the

fellowship of the Rangers.  The Lord blessed us with inspirational council fires, morning devotions and lots of group prayers.  These Rangers

worked hard to earn the Green Canoeing Merit.  They learned a lot and it showed as they grew in their skills and abilities as they went

down the river.  Lots of fishing, swimming, exploring and fun was acompanied with Junior Training Skills.  Flag raising, Skits, instruction.

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We encourage you to take JLTC then you two can share in the fun and accomplishment of these

even higher adventure camps. 

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PDF of the Float tip 25 miles.


To: JCE Candidates

Subject: JCE

Date: June 19-21, 2008

Location: Jacks Fork River

Base Camp: Rymers Access & Campground

Directions: take Hwy. 60 east of Mountain View

                 turn on Hwy. M

                 go 6.2 miles to camp (3.7 paved & 2.5 gravel)



          1:00   Registration

          1:30   Set up camp

2-5       Classes

5:00   Supper

7-9       Classes

9:30   Council Fire Service

10.30          Lights out


          7:00   Reveille

          7:30   Breakfast

          8:30   Morning Assembly

          9:00   Pre-Float Orientation – at the water front

          10:00 Begin Float from Buck Hollow Access to Rymers Access & Campgrounds - 9.4 miles

          12:00 Lunch at base camp

          1:00   Continue float to Alley Spring – 14.8 miles

          5:00   Arrive at Alley Springs

          6:30   Supper

          7:00   Free time

          8:00   Class:  Review the day

          8:30   Break

          9:00   Council Fire Service

          10:30          Lights out


          7:00   Reveille

          7:30   Breakfast

          8:30   Morning Assembly

          9:00   Break Camp

          10:00          Final Assembly Luncheon at base camp

          11:00 Dismissal





·         Small two-man tent, with stakes & ground cloth

·         Sleeping bag or blanket

·         Sleeping pad

·         Personal hygiene kit (soap, shampoo, comb, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, etc.)  All soaps must be biodegradable.

·         Towels & wash cloths

·         Watch

·         Personal mess kit including plate, cup, bowl, and silverware

·         Insect repellent & sun screen

·         Small flashlight with extra batteries

·         Pocket knife

·         Canteen or water bottle

·         Matches

·         Small personal first aid kit

·         Compass, Silva style preferred

·         Small New Testament

·         Pen & paper

·         Plastic storage bags to help keep your equipment and clothing dry (i.e. ziplock bags, trash bags, etc.)


·         Complete “Class B” Royal Rangers uniform.  Patches do NOT need to be removed.

·         2 Royal Rangers T-shirts (traditional style, white with large emblem centered on front)

·         Jeans, fatigues, or knee-length shorts for daily wear

·         Underclothes & socks

·         Swim suit & swimming shoes or sandals

·         One pair of comfortable shoes (moccasins, tennis shoes, etc.) to wear at campsite

·         Poncho/rain suit

·         Light jacket


·         Pajamas

·         Pillow (inflatable)

·         Sunglasses

·         Camera (lightweight with waterproof bag)

·         Survival blanket

·         Chap stick (for sun and wind protection)

·         Folding fishing gear


The boys learned all kinds of on the River Skills.  Click on a picture to get a larger view.