The Big Batcave Campout 2011 close to Morgan, Missouri.  52 folk in attendance.  4 Outposts represented.  Weather was cold 28 for a high and dry.

We have been camping in this cave now for almost 16 years or so.  As with each batcave campout there is just so much room available.  So

if your part of that group that wanted to come camp in the Big Batcave please be ready next year to get your request in first.  It's first come first


Special thanks to Joe Hensley, James Jr. Evans, Justin Fisher for bringing chainsaws to cut up dead wood for the campfire.  Also for the group of

older boys that came down to help drag the wood up to the cave.  It was good to share the campfire and the ambiance of the cave.  This year we did the

traditional treasure hunt and the question was asked " If you were to die tonight would you go to heaven?  The boys and men there did learn God's plan

for salvation and a bit about hell and the separation from God that is in that place. 

This is a bring your own cook your own or go hungry outing.  That puts the responsibility for what you did or didn't bring on yourself.  I have learned that

boys learn more when we do it that way.  When we provide it all for them it's a different experience.  If they have to get it together plan ahead and think it over then

they learn much more and it makes more of a memory and skill for them.   Link to Video Files can be found at the end of the pictures.

Pictures donated by Justin Fisher, Mark Jones, David Yonke and James Gilpin.   Click on a picture to get a larger view.  Just a short 6 minute video of the Batcave Devotion by candle light    Just a short 19 second video of the opening of the cave and a special treat of harmonics.    Just a 10 minute video of my backpacking gear in the Big Bat Cave.  I am blessed and Thank the Lord for it.