This years Card board Boat Regatta was truly "Wet n Wild".

SW Divisional Commander Ray Reece did an excellent job of organizing this years Divisional Pow Wow.


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This years regatta was started with cleanup from Monsoon rain and wind that hit about 30 minutes before we were to open
registration. For 30 minutes we all hunkered down while the rain and wind pounded our camp. When it let up I looked out
and saw 3 groups of people holding down the portable shades we all extended our 4 foot tall shelters to regular height and
picked up what was moved by the winds and rain and got busy with the regatta.  Jerry said he was watching the radar and the storm split as it passed over us.

We had a great time. Friday nights dinner was way beyond anything you could buy in town for $4.00. Plate full of Ribs,
seasoned smoked green beans that are the best I have ever eaten anywhere, salad, dressing, baked potatoes with trimmings,
bug juice and pudding. I am here to tell you folks. The 91 that ate and the 4 that took a slab home were all very very
satisfied. This dinner is just like the old Johnny Barnes methods. Tried, True and works like none else and very satisfying.

Lebanon won honorary title of 4 boats entered. Great job all you guys up in Lebanon. I think Central had 3 and many
outposts had 2. We had a few boats from last year cleaned up and reused which is fine but half the fun is working with our
boys and parents building these 7 minute creations exploring the worlds of quayside woodworking, teamwork, leadership skills
to name a few. It's a great opportunity to use something like this to actually do a Leadership type event.

We ran 3 boats at a time and that is just about right for 21 boats racing. In a short 2 hours we had them all raced and
scored and giving out trophies and ribbons.

Richard Michael and Rob Batchman did the race announcing and folks were laughing at these two punners' as they talked about the race, boats and boys in the middle of winning, sinking, paddling, dodging water balloons,   They really had a lot of fun with a boat called BIG FANNIE.  What was funny was when we were asking the captain what the name of his boat was at registration he said he didn't know.  I said where is your boat.  He pointed at it and I said the air boat?  He said yes..I said how about Fannie?  He said ya..that will work.  Then Ryan had to add in BIG FANNIE.  We had a great time laughing. 

David Jenkins did a great job of setting up and taking down and cleaning up the water balloon filling station. He introduced
new this year a flagged perimeter that the folks throwing water balloons were not to pass. This kept point blank shots down
and it also kept the participants out of the way of the boats racing. GOOD IDEA! He was very diligent to remind the
Rangers no cheating aloud and kept them to that line.

Ryan Reed took the computer operators job and did all the input and racing and scoring and had it all done with out me even
showing him anything except to get logged on to the computer. What a blessing. Thank You!

Gary Rowe went around and got the possible judges names and got folks to sign up to fill the various stations, Heat lineup,
Boat remain loading onto the trailer, kayak safety crew and parking and a few more things.

Justin Fisher ran the video camera and got a ton of great footage that I will get on line at sometime. I value the video so
very much as it brings to remembrance all the good each time it's viewed.

The judges watched and scored design before the races. Then they watched the boats for 1.5 hours and scored them on teamwork,
and rated the best sinking for Titanic Award. Thank each of you for your good work there.

As many of you Commanders like myself faced the wet boats wondering if those 4 to 12 hours invested in those boats would
still float found out soon enough. My boat that I was so confidant would last 3 races...went down before it crossed the cove.
The council fire didn't burn and it was top heavy so we had to beach it. Yet when I talked around and visited with many
of you. The hours were indeed worth it. I watched as young men took on the challenge of this event and arose to meet it.

My respect and honor goes out to each of you. Young and Old, Man and Woman that stretched to go the extra mile for our
Lord and King Jesus. 2 boys saved. Many lives touched with Speakers David Huffs reminder to rededicate our lives to Christ.

Blessings and Honor to all of you.

Mark Jones

A note from our SW Divisional Director.

To: Those who attended the Regatta last weekend


Thank you to the commanders who brought boys to the cardboard boat regatta and all those who helped make this event successful. We had 96 overnight campers and served 91 rib dinners. The speaker for the council fire service Friday evening was David Huff and at least two boys came to Christ.

Saturday morning a thunderstorm came through the area and delayed the start of the race a few minutes. I observed two tents that were blown down. To God be the glory for his protection.

Twelve outposts with twenty boats competed in the races and we served 134 meals at lunch time.


Ray L. Reece

SW Division Director