2009 May 27th, 28th 2009  NE Division FCF Spring Outing. So. Mo. District.

After postponement of Spring outing because of severe storms  we rescheduled on May 29&30.
   The N.E. Division made the decision to purchase Ken Richardson knives for 1st place prizes, All handles were scrimshawed with a picture for each event. The knives were really nice.
 Upon arrival we noticed  all the damage that was done by the storms trees were blown down some were up rooted others were broken still some appeared to be twisted  and broke off just as you would break a green twig or branch also there was buildings damaged even a hay barn that belonged to our host was totally demolished .
 Had a good time reminiscing  of other events that were held in that area. We began to set up and start our soup for the night.
 16 people showed up to fellowship and we had a time. The council fife was started with some "excellent" music with some very talented  Young bucks headed by Wolf Eagle.
 I spoke on Jesus being our foundation in all of our aspects of our lives then we prayed for all those that requested.
 We also presented our  former Divisional Commander Screech Owl (Jesse Sitzes) With a large ken Richardson bowie knife, for our appreciation for the great job he has done and the support he has given us. WE THANK HIM FOR ALL HE HAS DONE.
  When morning came we woke to blue skies and sunshine but we watched a front come in we were hoping that this would not be a storm.
 Later we had a rain shower  just enough to aggravate  the events but we got them in, but the sun came out and the wind blew dried out all of our canvas PRAISE THE LORD!
 We have some great upcoming preachers in our young bucks we heard some great messages on the Holy Ghost only 1 point separated the top 2. Jake Randolf was the best he got 8 out of 10 points he won a 45 Cal BP rifle GREAT JOB JAKE
 We THANK  Hoot and Laut  farms for allowing us to use their beautiful farm it is always a pleasure to be in his neck of the woods.
Well I would say  that we had a good successful event despite the change of dates and the low number of members cant wait to do it again next spring