So. Missouri District FCF Frontier Adventure!  May 19th -20th, 2006

40 Green Horns made it on through to realized membership with the FCF in the Southern Missouri.

We had a hot start Friday night with temperatures in the upper 80 degrees. It was a hot one!  Camp really got to cooking as all showed up for the adventure.  As the clocks showed how far off of schedule we were running we did our best and we had our first gathering.  The Green horns were dispatched to their companies and the adventure began.  Loads of fellowship and great eats continued on while the Green horns grew in their knowledge and skills.  FCF President Fred Lipowitz  called for the evening council fire while we were being entertained by a full fledge ensemble of banjo, guitar, harmonica, mandolin and I think even a base and the District Scout started the fire.  We had a grand time and the Green horns were encouraged to go even farther.

As the evening drew on half of the camp hit the bunks while the other half smoked jerky and worked on requirements.  By day's light we found a lot of green horns plum tuckered out but a special mile marker was passed in their Adventure.  Jerky was smoked and eaten for breakfast, chokers where made and worn and lot's of whittling was done on their silent sticks. 

Then the days events continued.  Competitions were held for the Young Bucks and some of them received prizes.  Just to name a couple prizes....a customized Hawk valued at $45.00 plus and a specialize knife at $65.00.

Competition Winners

Taylor Moore Best Outfit  "4.5"

Jordon Betz Rifle  26/30

Jordon Betz Flint & Steel 8 seconds

Christopher Della Rosa Hawk 3 sticks 3 tries with tie breaker.

Vinnie Finzo Knife 2 sticks of 3 tries with tie breaker.

David Huff Horn Blowing 17 seconds. 

The Adventure ended as Norm Kirch headed up a feast fit for a real FCF member!  We had smoked deer ribs, deer steak, baked beans, and baked potatoes and I think even a black berry cobbler wondered in.  The food was great, the fellowship was great, and the So. Mo. District FCF Frontier Adventure had in my best guess 150 - 200  members attending.  We even had some working up at the Pavilion before and after the event. 

Pictures of our very finest!  If you have some to share please send them on over and we will post them here.