12-14-2007 Springfield Sections Pinewood Derby Crafting Lockin at Oak Grove AOG.  Springfield North and South band together to host a Pinewood Derby Car Crafting.  Model and Design Merits and Cut n Chop Cards were also given out to those that attended that training. 5 Outposts with 39 boys and 17 leaders put on a great event.  Sectional Commanders Dan Rockafellow and Travis Hendon put on a great event.  The boys had fun and the leaders worked hands on with the boys to get their cars cut out.  Sanded and painted and even a speed shop was given to give the car crafters ideas on how to make their car fast. 

3 bandsaws, 2 table belt sanders, 2 drill presses, dust collection and all that is needed to make Pinewood Derby cars was there "READY" to be put to the work at hand.  Boys had limited access to tools and commanders jumped in to help with the cutting.  A lot of paint was used as boys learned how to paint.  Many times the boys learn that light coats of paint is the way to go after having to sand the globbed on paint from the previous attempts at painting.  That's how they learn.