We cut down some white oak trees on the Camp Millhouser Property to make a log cabin ladder.  Report and Pictures of this Ships Ladder Build.   It was fun to cut the trees from the same property as the 175 year old Cabin was cut from.  This 17' square cabin with loft needed a ships ladder. We talked about building a stair case but to do so would be something folk would slip and fall from.  So the ladder was a safer idea.  The white oak tree's were dried in my garage for 1.5 years and most of that drying time they were not weighted or strapped together.  I let them dry as they  laid so that resulted in some very arched, cupped and spilt up lumber.  Just perfect for a project like this.  12 foot long. 28" wide. It took 20 hours to build and I stabilized the splits and knots on the handrail to guard from splinters.   I can barely lift it by my self.  Took two of us to get it in the opening. Thanks to Kyle Major for these pictures.  10-08-2022.   We have to finish chinking the inside of the cabin. The ladder can be moved.

Youtube Video of the build.