We had 35 Racers and many Leaders and helpers from 6 churches. Rob Batchman did an excellent job bringing the crowd into the word of the Lord. Thank you to Life360 for providing the location and doing a great job with consessions including funnel cakes for a dollar. Thank you to all the leaders and dads that pitched in and helped with timing, starting, setup, teardown, judging, calculating, etc. Everyone had a great time. Just look at the expressions of the racers, you cant deny that they had some fun. We had one brave young lady that was not part of our fellowship that wanted to race. We let her race and she had a good time and left with a trophy. This tells me that we could make this an outreach to the community. Plans are already in the works for next year, so if you missed it this year, plan on it next year. Lets see what God can do if we make this an outreach event too.


Dan Rockafellow