December 7th -8th, 2013  Temps in the 16 at night and 19 during the day.  It was cold  We had 8" of snow on the ground.

5 brave souls head out for a winter 1/4 mile backpack into Busiek state park.  We were the only ones there?

Had a great time of braving the cold wet snow and keeping the fire going.  Fun food and gear testing.  This is perhaps my

6th time in this type of conditions  It's a fun challenge and it makes you really appreciate your home! 

I had a new stove called a biolite.  It's a wood stove that cooks, heats and charges your usb devices.  My camera

went dead on me 2 times and was able to charge it while heating a good 20 cups of water.  When cooking on it...only

need a few sticks to lower the heat.  This stove is awesome.  The rest of the gas stoves were frozen so this baby out did

my expectations!

Gathering Firewood video   Biolite Video  Biolite Video during the day on Saturday Feeding lots of wood cut out the dead parts!

Cooking Bacon on the biolite and happenings around the fire.

Cooking bacon and eggs on teh biolite

This was the only stove that worked in this cold weather

Feeding cedar what a stove

Supprise we were the only ones there!

Lite snow and fire!

Packing out

Stuff that stuff in fast!

Ahhh heading home to warmth!

Do we have to leave?

Fire is our close friend


Backpacking is the greatest

A look inside my home

Hanging and warming

Son's DIY Hammock,tarp, underquilt Wow!


How cold did you get last night?

I love this stuff!

Can't take him anywhere!

80 Lbs HA!

Rob's Tent

Ahaah! Food and heat!

Glad we came heading back!

Schools canceled again! Yah!

Trail out!