December 7th, 2018  Some 70 to 80 folk gathered from all around our So. MO. District to enjoy a Christmas Party.  Friday night from 7:00 pm to about 10:15 we had a time!  The evening was full of fun and laughter and all kinds of games, skits, gift exchanges.  My wife loves this event.  She said that was Sooo much fun as we were walking out into the parking lot.  Branson Assembly of God hosted this event and Richard and Kelly Michaels and family and friends worked hard to give us a evening of sweats, treats and meats  Some one brought in some Fried Chicken and just one of those pieces that one piece filled my plate. wife said put that on your plate and I will share it with you.  Once again...I was getting a double bonus! 

John and Sierra Nance put on some group games that were lots of fun.  They had a naming game where you had a code poster that  you looked at the first letter of your first name and used that name they had.  I saw mine was Jelly and my month I was born was Sleigh Ride.  In the game we went around finding the other persons that had our same name...SADLY I found no one with my name.... a young lady of 15 said I think your name is JOLLY Sleigh Ride not Jelly Sleight Ride.  I double checked her conclusion and sure enough once again I was WRONG!  HA!  I had a good laugh at my side angle view of that o that had part of it missing so it looked like a e to me.   We did a bingo game with famous quotes from various Christmas movies.  Tallied and had some balloon team races. 

Aaron Napier sang several songs and even did a modified version of Mary did you know changing it a bit to Jerry did you know, your Ranger Boys would.... it was fun  Some praise and worship and some fun are always a hit. 

We did a Skit.  Now...if you know me...I need a Q card and nudge and someone telling me what to say... when in front of folk!  HA!  Ray Reece called earlier in the week and told me I had a part in the skit.  It was fun and I think Rob Helfer and Ray Reece had the best sachet back to their seats.  Also Rob Helfer won the balloon race.  

Gift exchange is a laugh a second.  Richard and Kelly and all the 32 gifts that were exchanged brought out the laughs and grins from all corners of the room.  Being able to steal a gift 3 times before that gift sticks makes for a wild time. I watched this metal sign go 3 times and considered it gone.  Having taken Rangers backpacking for almost 30 years of 10 events a year this sign was a laugh for me. Yet it was given to me when I inquired about it's worth to the last person that got it.  It opened up a new invite to go along with us this next weekend on a Thundering Canyon Falls Backpacking Trip in Cold weather and River Crossings!  Yet all doable with fun and challenge.

I came home with this! I wanted it so badly and it was given to me.

Click on a picture for a larger view.

Fellowship Hall at Branson AOG

Wow tons of food and desserts and beverages

Those chocolate Covered peanut butter treats was delicious!

Great help by the young at heart!

Ohh...what to trade for. It's has to be the best choice!

Kelly's Mom ended up with the black snowzer

Action Jackson almost ended up with the salt lamp.

Tables were decorated with hand cut snowflakes!

Tons of gift stealing going on. These AG folks..HA!

Dan going once agian to sweep up the loot!

Will be hanging in my Wood shop where we weigh in the backpackers just before we leave on our trips.

The weather forecast was for 6" of snow just 3 days before this event so our attendance was down but the weather missed us by a hundred miles and we had a great weekend of fun and delight.  Jerry Millhouser and Team once again pulled off a wonderfully fun event!  Thanks Team!