We are finishing up the tallying on our Chapter FCF Fall Trace. Just wanted to say thanks to all that made this event happen. Thanks to Don Bixler for getting us the patches as he has since long before I came here. So many faithful folk doing work behind the scenes to make these things happen.
Click on a picture for a larger view.  Special Thanks to Rob Batchman, Dan Rockafellow and Paul Serb for sharing with us these pictures.  Zip file of all these pictures.

To Give and to Serve!!!

As many of you have prayed for our SW VP Joshua Pennekamp as he came down with Covid 2 days before the event it put us in a bit of a spin to cover for his leadership at the crack of a whip. Our current Chapter President Frank Reed had stepped down a month or so before the event as Chapter President due to family illness. Joshua was working on prizes and organization and preparing for this event as he like many of us loves these events. So after his phone call and a prayer John and Twiggy and Mark Jones (me) were commissioned to carry the torch and keep this fire going on this event. Many of you stepped up to cover the void for the mission at hand. Thank each of you! I praise God for you!

Ok now the tears well up in my eyes as I start thinking of each of you that impacted my life this weekend working with our boys and helping run these events and loading up and bring your FCF Kit to this event. The fellowship the contribution each of you give is so important. Your willingness to help with a donation of a hide or trade item or a really expensive thing that a young buck will cherish for many years makes a difference. Our time spells we love these souls with a giving heart.

The Bible tells us to give Honor where Honor is due even when it hurts to do that. It's God's Words to do so. Thank you!

We had 50 in attendance. 34 Ole Timers and 16 Young Bucks. Each brought a event fee and contributed toward prizes, camp fees, patch fees and insurance and camp up keep. Our 173 year old log cabin that was moved was put to use this weekend with the camp store inside. Looking up and seeing that cabin/chapel/store being used to Reach, Teach and Keep, Life Long Servant Leaders for Christ warmed my heart. Yes some of those event fees will help out on that cabin. I think we have about 5000.00 in that cabin restoration. So giving goes the distance today and for eternity.

Weather was warm with the highs in the mid to upper 80s. No rain was a blessing this year. Last year we had 5" of mud. The new gravel down the middle of our FCF area sure made loading and unloading gear much better thanks RR exec. committee for getting that stuff done right away.

Missions Offering was once again given half to a missionary and half to the campground. Our funds in hand was about 1600.00 with another 800 pledged. So we voted to give half of our money collected on hand to Jay Jaques missionary.

Event Competitions:
Young Buck Ole Timer
1st Gabriel Smith 14 Jeremiah Hembree 11
2nd Sterling Stine 10 Kody Whinery 6
Knife Throw
Young Buck Ole Timer
1st Place Robbie Hembree 2 pts Pat Davis 6 points
2nd Place Eli Quails 1 pts Phil Steinbeck Kaylor Stine 5 pts.
Hawk Throw
Young Buck Ole Timer
1st Place Keanan Holbert 8pts Craig Kelley 9pts
2nd Place Gabriel Smith 6pts Pat Davis 8pts
Horn Blowing
Young Buck Ole Timer
1st Place Robbie Hembree Two Forks
2nd Place Ryan Evarts Jerimiah
Flint and Steel
Young Buck Ole Timer
1st Place Logan Fifield 6 sec Chuck Drace 10.7 seconds
2nd Place Ryan Evarts 6.7 sec Jeremy Embrey 11.6 sec
Young Buck Ole Timer
1st Robbie Hembree Phil Steinback
2nd Ben Evarts Dan Rockafellow
Black Powder
Young Bucks Ole Timer
1st Matt Wescott John Davis
2nd Robbie Hembree JR Whinery

Will post the event winners at http://readyrangers.tzo.com/FCFFallTrace2021 when I get that data in hand along with the Pictures and this and other reports. Mark Jones, FCF Company Clerk

New Camp Millhouser Sign!!!