Pow Wow 2006 Southern Missouri District

Report from our District Commander:

Praise God for His touch on the Pow Wow. We had 89 men and boys saved.
We had 3 on Sunday morning and the Lord held the rain off until Sunday morning and Thanks to all of those who helped on the new building, we were able to go ahead and have breakfast , Sunday School and dismissal in the DRY in the new facility. Oh yes, we had 678 in attendance.

Thanks to all of the leaders who brought boys to the Pow Wow. You will be rewarded greatly for this. I know it is a big effort and struggle and expense but it paid off because - look at the souls for the Lord!

Praise God!!

Thanks again.

Jerry Millhouser
District R.R. Commander

Just click on a picture to get a bigger view of it.   These photo's came from commanders in the So. Mo. District. Thanks for sharing!

DSC  Pictures from Commander Mark Jones

IMG  Pictures from Commander James Gilpin

DSCF Pictures from Commander Dan Rockafellow

2003 Pictures from Commander David Hines

Just click on a picture to get a big view of it.