July 26th-28th, 2013  Temps in the low 80 degrees.  Perfect Weather.  16 souls.

Friends and family of Royal Rangers head out on a 2 night 11 mile float on the North Fork of the White River. 

We put in at Hebrom access after spending the night there at the free camping sites.  The rain quit just before we arrived on site.

The next morning after breakfast around the fire we shuttled 3 vehicles to the take out point at Hammond access.  Took about 45 minutes to do the shuttle.

We left base camp with one vehicle there and floated and fished the whole day until about 4:30 pm.  It was a nice slow float the group caught some 20 fish between us.

Lots of fun on the crystal clear river.  Water was just about perfect.  The shady spots were a perfect place to be floating along.  After floating about 8 miles we found a base camp with trees for hammocks and low poison ivy exposure.  Joshua cleaned his fish and cooked up a mess and they were tasty. 

We had a lot of fun cooking and talking around the fire and enjoyed the cool refreshing water.  After a council fire and sharing around the fire it wasn't long just after dark we all hit the sack and enjoyed a restful night sleep on the sand bar of the North Fork of the White River just 2 miles north of Hammond Access.  Rob was muttering something through the night about a big black snake and his teeth chattering he was so cold.  Those fleece blankets have given me a cold nights sleep as well.  I told him that big black snake might climb up into his hammock to stay warm...GRIN!  Fishing wise I would say Rob and I about tied.  I think I was one up on him but felt sorry for him since he brought out his supper duper secret fish catching lure, spray, goup or what ever it was he kept trying...I just kept throwing out my Rebel Crawdad and just kept reeling them fish in... I did let him take them off the hook....GRIN!

Sunday we broke camp and had morning church and floated for about 1.5 hours to the take out point.  We sent Alan and Steve to pickup the shuttle truck back at Hebrom Access and met them at the rendezvous point.  Headed back to Ozark and arrived just a few minutes before 1pm.  After unloading and putting stuff away a hot shower and a nap and then off to Rangers to build card board boats. 

These events are wonderful.  They are great and with 4 devotions being shared by 3 different folks the variety of the Gospel goes places we never thought possible. 

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