Woo Whoo Rangers! It was a Shinning time Territorial Rendezvous.
October 22 - 25, 2015. Temps in the 70 to 45 degree range. We got around 3 or so inches of rain over the 3 days.

So much going on!

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As with all big events it takes planning and a vision. With out a vision the people perish. So registrations and
monies were sent to David North and we were on schedule for a Wild FCF EVENT! Yes out of state smack dab in the middle
of Arkansas. Bismarck, AR. Just 4.5 hours away from my house.

As with all long distance events local outposts look to share resources with fellow outposts. I love this about Rangers.
We shared this rendezvous with Grace Community from Branson and Evangel Temple and Central AOG from Springfield. A group
of 10. In this mix we took 2 vehicles and 2 trailers and 4 shelters. We used 1 marquee for sleeping and one marquee for
community cooking and fellowship and leather Crafting and chess - checker competitions.

Our trip started at 5:30 am with a drive to spfd to pickup one of the young men. Then a drive down to Branson to
parlay with who got to bring what and not double up on heavy stuff we didn't need like 6 Dutch oven cook sets. GRIN.

Soon after 8 am we were underway and a stop in Little Rock for a Burger Kings delight we scampered out to the Rendezvous
site. Commander Craig got honorable mention with not even one scare and won the Coveted Commander Jones Great Driver
Award. I did have to pull rank and tell the pilot and navigator to not turn off at a exit that everyone else from So
Mo did. My trail skills came into quick action with my FACT Smart Phone NAV App. Yet I came back into the fellowship
when I asked are we to Hot Springs yet...and the pilot and navigator both informed me with a grin on their faces... were
in Little Rock... Hot Springs after a eye roll or two is 40 miles that way... (I had to give them something..grin)

Wow. I though we were dry in So. MO. These folk in Bismarck had had no rain since July. It was one brillo pad of dry
grass and a NO BURN ORDER WAS IN EFFECT. We would see to that right away. We put up 2 marquees and setup up camp in no
time flat. Soon we were shinning bright FCF living. I learned that Commander Justin's FCF name given to him by his
boys was MOM. I said let's call him MaaaaMaaaa with a Italian accent. So camp cook was called all kinds of names in
Christian love. We called him a few more names after he burnt the biscuits. I always learn something hard after the
fact. Food is better eaten a bit burnt then having to cook it for yourself. GRIN. MOM did a great job of spicing
up the meals. Craig and I had to pitch hit a few times when MaaaMaa was burnt out on cooking for the horde of 10.

I kept the boys on water duty each morning and they did the 3 bucket wash we used to teach in the old Leader Ship Training.
So many good things forgotten. It takes work to keep the good stuff out front and the boys did a great job of it.

Ernie who just recently came into leadership as a Lt. Commander has been fascinated by his role in leadership with the boys.
Ecc has a scripture or two of every dog has his day. I know I have had mine and still get to see a few new ones. Ernie has
come into his day. He enjoyed leading these boys in wood gathering, water duty and trading. Scrappy, Natedog and Noah kept
us all busy with trades going on all the time. Scrappy even woke us up in the middle of the night doing a trade in his sleep.
Yup we were busy. It was fun. 7 of us in that tent at night after 5 cans of chili and I was with out ear plugs. Craig had
compassion on me and loaned me a pair of his after a night or two of memories I won't soon forget of how folks can snore you
right into sleeplessness. Grin. It's all good.

Thursday night we enjoyed the council fire. I heard "just because you can, doesn't mean you should" ring out all through camp
and even days later. We enjoyed great down to earth devotions and to the heart messages that stirred us to do things Jesus
wants us to do.

One of the boys from So. MO got bit by a copper head snake two times while strolling through the woods. He went to the ER and they
kept him over night and gave him a tetanus shot and said it was a dry bites "no venom". He returned Friday with a new FCF name!! I would
call him "Two Bites" many wanted to call him "cooper head". I call him blessed!

Friday morning early we got rain. Had to tweak a couple of things to keep us dry. We enjoyed a day of leather craft. All day
leather craft. It was hard getting those boys to lay down that leather to eat. Natedog kindly showed Justin -MOM- MaaaMaaaw how
to be beaten about 5 times in chess. Yet his first game he won with you know who..coaching from the couch. They took leather scraps
and made chess pieces out of it rough side was black smooth side was white. Natedog is a thinker.

Scrappy kept us all busy with trades. I traded one lantern on my trade blanket with him and I think he traded at least once with
most every one in camp...or it seemed to me he did. We even did some bartering and trading back. Many boys just received gifts from
old timers and young bucks alike. I know many were blessed.

Friday night we had a break from the rain and enjoyed song and worship. Power point on a FCF event? 5th wheel on a FCF event? Yup.
while I am being negative... no toliet paper in the portajohns. Yup. I have learned to bring my own toilet paper, baby wipes to the
portapodies. Yet I was asked to please remind them that there are folks that will pay extra for toilet paper and paper to print song words
on to hand out... we just need to get more focus on the paper...GRIN. Over all great job. Always a few things that need tweaking.

It rained. Saturday it was off and on rain. It drizzled lightly and we were able to have events. As always the hawk and knife throw are
fun. I got in on a time of throwing 6 guys against 6 guys the north and the south guys. We won neck and neck and after 5 rounds or so we
tied on the last knife stick. I will say. I couldn't stick a hawk to save my life. I can stick them 9 out of 10 times but this time....
diddly squat. Nadda. The boys on my team were carrying me this time. Praise God for those that cover for us when we are of no contribution.

I was impressed by the mission auction on Saturday. You know the Bible says give honor where honor is due. Keith Prince "Running Fox" worked
for a year on some fine bead work and triple stitched each bead to make a picture of a Indian horse that looked like a painting. It was
outstanding. Yet I saw 2 men bidding over that. Once the final bid was over. The highest bidder asked the guy that was bidding against him.
Will you still pay 325.00 for it? He said yes. He said then I will donate 325.00 as well and you can have this prize. What a blessing and
a Godly reminder that men of character can bestow on not only the young men but us ole timers as well. The Holy Spirit moved during that
auction and reminded me we can't out give HIM. Bob Triphan "Two Forks" did a great job during this event as Auctioneer and MC.

All you So. MO folks made me proud in my heart for the Godly giftings you give not only in word and deed but by your daily walk. Our chapter is
a strong chapter because God by His Spirit abides with us and takes what we give to HIM and makes it powerful. Thank each of you.

Sunday morning. It rained hard all night. I was fretting about getting stuck..you would think after 3 days of hard rain we would be in mud up to
our ankles. Yet it wasn't. We packed up in the rain and headed out around 9:00 am and got home around 3pm. It was a quick shower and unload and
then off to unload wet canvas to the Ranger Building and get ready for Ranger meeting of cutting out Cedar Unaboxes.

What a great event. I got more done than I ever thought I would. It was well with my soul. I love the rain!

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Mark Jones