So. Mo. District FCF Daniel Boone Chapter Frontier Adventure Report. 05-17-2019 - 05-18-2019 Special thanks to Dan Rockafellow and Mark Jones for sharing these pictures.  Zip file of all these pictures.

Camping in the shelter of a Cedar Tree.

Pouring your heart into what you want to do!

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We had 53 in attendance with 17 applicants. Weather was perfect for the for the Adventure. I didn't get the numbers from the Black Powder course but think they had about 15 there with 5 teaching. So that would round us up to about 72 by head count. Many campfires around camp that I wasn't able to visit and as always each has their fun and accomplishments. Please feel free to report on your camps progress. I would enjoy posting that right along with this report from around our experience.

My outpost didn't have any FCF Applicants and only me representing our outpost but along the way I was blessed to bring with me another 5 from 3 other churches with a total of 6 in my camp. When your leaders count is down we are Blessed in Royal Rangers to link arms with fellow brothers in Christ from other nearby churches. So we van - truck pooled and camped together. It's a blessing to have Ranger leaders from other like minded churches that will take a stand for Christ and work together to see to it that these boys experience some of the very best character development and hands on training all the while pointing folk to Jesus Christ and His Church! What a win win combination.

Council fire was lit by one young buck getting the first flame with his tinder bundle but we struggled to get the fire to go so others from the crowd shared more resources and soon we had a blazing council fire. The young buck won a small throwing knife as a prize.

I am currently in the market for a tent and am FCF tentless at this time. So the boys in my group used a canvas tarp to make a shelter or slept out under the stars like I did. It was a perfect night for it. Full moon no wind and no dew in the morning. Absolutely perfect weather. Not so much as a buzz from a mosquito. It was so bright out I didn't even use a flash light the whole night. Candle lanterns worked great!

Our Adventure started at 7:00 p.m. as the Black Powder course was under way at 6:30 p.m. Camp was set up and we welcomed our FCF Candidates (thanks Twiggy) around our fire. District Scouts were busy the whole event preparing and helping out. GREAT job Scouts!

On Saturday morning 8:00 am the Adventure and Black Powder course continued with mostly cloudy skys and that was a blessing as it was cooler. We enjoyed two services over the weekend.

We enjoyed a cherry/pineapple cobbler in our camp and there was all kinds of cooking going on around camp. Bacon and breakfast rolls and lots more. My group did a bring your own, cook your own or go hungry event that worked very well for all concerned as we were all busy doing many things at different times.

At 2:00 we had our closing ceremony and we worked to get it all packed up and in the trailer. After changing clothes we left the grounds at 4;00 p.m. and stopped at Steak n Shake on the way back and got a good washing as a thunderstorm rolled through washing off my truck and these boys! On arrival back at the church by 6:30 p.m.

We are blessed to be part of the Royal Rangers the very best program that teaches hands on skills and cool ways of camping all the while pointing folks to Jesus Christ and His Church. Wow what a Ministry.

Please congratulate these folks to our FCF Chapter.
Riley Corbin
Donald Harris
Christian Josephson
Isaac Lopez
Devin Martin
Andrew Ramos
Caleb Ray
Joseph Ray
Luke Ray
Lake Reid
Raymond Reid
Malachi Richardson
Liam Sarver
Chandler Taylor
Brock Wales
Jack Wiebe
Cody Wisdom