2019 Resaw Sled update.  28" wide by 10'1" long.  Grizzly 17" 2hp.  Warn Winch pulls the sled and a weight pulls it back when you put the winch in reverse.  I have 4 pallets of resawn Oak, Cedar and Walnut air drying in the shed.  The winch is being powered by a 12volt 200 amp Battery Charger it has various settings down to 6 volt 40 amp which slows it down to cut some Red Oak.  The higher  12 volt 100 amp setting almost doubles the speed.  Depending on the size and weight of the log sometimes I put a heavier weight in the bucket. 

The roller bearings make a difference with these 4' long 12" round logs. They are heavy.  I use the hydraulic pump tables to get the logs up on the table.

I have resawn over 50 logs on bandsaws.  This table works very well.  Previous designs were not heavy duty enough to support the 4' long logs.  I don't use the miter slot anymore. It was not enough to keep things staight so the side guides and hold downs do the trick.  I do wax the sled sides where they contact the sides.  The whole thing can be bolted onto the saw be ready to cut logs in about 30 minutes.  After cutting a lot of logs the winch is the best thing I have added.  Pushing these logs by hand will wear you out. 

Click on a picture for a larger view.

Resaw Sled bolts on to the saw in 30 minutes ready!

Bearings move the sled with a heavy log easier!

Wench pulls the sled at varible speeds

11.25" resaw capacity.

Logs 4' long by 12" rouund can be resawn

Sled Fence has 1" index marks on it.

T tracks need to be epoxied in. Weight pulls them out.

Cedar resaws quickly. Red Oak is a fight on this 2hp saw

Bucket full of weight pulls the sled back in reverse

Sides hold the sled down and no side by side movement

Table is made of 1x4 with 1/4" ready backker plywood glued and screwed to the framework

Pulley on the sled reduces speed by half

Recommend a 3hp for resawing 12" red oak logs or you can rip them down the middle with a chainsaw then your good to go.

Side Rail with 1/4" adjustment board... I make things to tight sometimes.

Detail of how the sled is held down

This sled cuts nice 1" boards for stickering.

Dust Deputy makes the air clean and easy to clean.

I don't glue my joints. Never know when you need to change out a motor or change something.

Saw is on wheels so I can pull it out from the wall. Bungee hold ups vac hose.

Front view of the dust collection pipe

Pump tables lift the logs and support the logs during resaw.

Sled shown just before side rails are bolted on.

The hight pole that allows the weight to be lifted. I could make this much better but this works.

Some cedar boards. I dip the ends in melted wax and sticker them and put them in the shed for a year.

Rolling pallet of wood.

Battery Charger allows 3 speeds to the winch. Red Oak has to be slowest speed. Cedar is high speed.