Outpost 97 ET Ship Build for Pow Wow Entry way.

Pow Wow Pageant Backdrop painting by Dan and Bob!  GREAT JOB RANGERS!



Reports from Folk at Pow Wow!

Royal Rangers:

Wow!! What a Pow Wow! Great weather! Of course, it wouldn’t be Pow wow without a little rain on Sun. morning. But thank the Lord for 61 boys & men who responded to salvation this year at the Pow wow. Our attendance was down a little but I think everyone had a great time.

I just want to thank everyone who played a part in honoring myself and Brenda with cards, cookies, ice cream, and especially your kind words of thanks, etc. It was certainly a surprise and was so thoughtful.

Thanks to all who helped to make the Pow Wow a success. It takes everyone working together to make it happen. And you guys and gals did so.

Thanks to Bob Sederwall and the guys in the pageant, sound system, etc. You did a terrific job!

Last and not least, thanks to you local Royal Ranger leaders for giving your time to bring those boys to have fun, receive a spiritual blessing, etc. at the Pow Wow. God will reward you for your efforts.

Thanks again for your time and efforts and all you do for the Royal Ranger Ministry.


Jerry Millhouser


Jerry and Brenda Millhouser Celebration of 50 years!

I want to say one more time how proud I was at Powwow of how so many of you showed up prepared to celebrate Jerry's first 50 years of service. We had tons of cookies and many a tear was shared over the sentiments and signatures in the cards.
A special thanks to Kirk Watson for the ice cream, to Norm for helping get it there frozen and to Linda Reece for her skills in making us look a little more refined. If you saw anything classy about the event, it was probably Linda's doing.
For those of you that did not make it, Jerry was honored by the National HQ with a certificate from Dr. George Woods presented by Doug Clay. He and Brenda received honors from the district officials that came and spent Friday evening at the pageant with us. Jerry and Brenda also each received the National Lifetime Service Award from Doug Marsh.
And perhaps the most amazing thing was that we got to see Jerry in knickers with long hair. A sight that will not soon be forgotten!
Congratulations Jerry! We love you!

Rick  Barnhouse


I don't have any pics, but I do have a testimony. Thursday evening I did a 'pirate devotion' around our campfire (that is a devotion done in a pirate voice, Arrgh!, that referred to Jesus as Good Captain Jesus and the devil as the Evil Pirate King. It focused on having power to fight the devil through the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. At the end I prayed for boys and commanders to be filled, and found out yesterday that one of the commanders from our Fordland campus was baptised in the Holy Spirit that Thursday night. Praise the Lord!!

Larry Toll