2019 Southern Missouri  FCF Executive Committee Meeting report and pictures.  14 present.  3 of the Scouts and Assistant Scouts in attendance and all three of our FCF VP were there as well.  The meeting went from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm and we reported and discussed and planned for the very best for our Daniel Boone Chapter.

  There is a lot of planning.  Discussions to improve are always there.  The young bucks get to participate in these discussions and give input.  The new staff brings in new ideas and always is a blessing as it stirs our hearts to make FCF in the Daniel Boone Chapter the very best.  We often are reminded of why we do things a certain way.  Yet always reevaluating and thinking things through for the largest and biggest and best chapter to succeed in Reaching, Keeping and Teaching our very best here in So. Missouri.  These folk are truly life long servant leaders.  I personally am amazed at their "Never Quit" spirit and the gifts that God has given us to achieve the ministry. 

I learned in the SE Division my 35 year old lawn mower and cart are a memory that they won't forget!   I am hoping for a state of the art 4 wheel drive golf cart named Get er done!  Thats short for quit talking about it and get to work!  Ha!  Steve Copeland kept me in trouble muttering jokes and poking funnies.  Jerry will have us sit on other sides of the table from now on....HA!   Just kidding. 

Click on a picture for a larger view.  Great times and memories of being about the Masters Work!