We need to Start our Own FCF Family Camp.  Here is a report from our Brothers and Sisters in Texas!

Family camp is the best camp of our District. The men get to cook for the wives & show them what they do when they go camping.  I like the trace we do, I have started a fire with flint & steel, hit a potato & target with black powder gun, hit an animal target with a rock & stuck the tomahawk. Not any good at shooting arrows or throwing a knife.  The family get double points when the lady makes it. 

I have won women's tomahawk contest the first time I tried at a family camp in New Mexico.  I have my own tomahawk & sheath which I won.  I have won my own lantern too.
I had one outfit then we planned to go the week long Territorial camp in New Mexico a few years ago & I realized I didn't have a thing to wear, ha ha.
So I got two skirts with matching tops & vest made. Jeff had made an Indian dress years ago for our daughter & I took that over when we started going to the rendezvous together. 
I get to relax & let Jeff feed me & cook on the open fire.  Now my parents go too since my brother is the FCF president in charge.
We play a game every year called the skillet toss. We use small cast iron skillets, the woman tosses it & the husband has to stand where it lands. then the next wife takes a turn, if the husband moves to dodge a skillet he is out. We go till everyone takes 3 turns.  It is so much fun for the ladies. ha ha
Jeff had me a special fancy Spanish dress made for our Christmas FCF Banquet, this was my surprise Christmas present one year. We go to a  Civil War type ball now too every year.  We have been 3 years now & have increase every year taking FCF friends with us.  It is a secular event held at Naverro College in Corsicana TX.  I will send you a pic of us at that. This year my brother rented him a long tails tux, his wife had a dress made, the other guys wear their dress uniforms, one wife rented a gown, others had them made. I think this is so much fun especially for a lady raised in the Assemblies of God where I didn't even go to my own prom.  This is my prom now, dancing called dances with my husband. 
Back to the family camp. It makes the wives realize the importance of what her husband is doing at all these camps & the money he spends.  When I went to my week long family camp we had no table & chairs. Well I took care of that, there was one in an auction their hand made, I bought it.  Since Jeff has made me a kitchen cabinet.  He has bought a bigger tent, had it special order made.  I have my own trunk that I painted, my cloths stay in it along with my lantern, tomahawk, & bed pan.  Another item I decided was a must on the way home from the week long camp. Stopped at a flea market before I even got home.  No body messes with mamas' lantern & tomahawk.  I have bought lantern hangers, found a cut out tin chandelier in the trash that Jeff converted from electric to candles, works so nice hanging from our awning ceiling.  I bought a canvas trash container, putter plates, mugs,  dessert plates, & pitcher.  I bought Jeff a canvas awning for Christmas one year too, surprised him.  Well he has sure benefited from taking me camping. ha ha 
We have won best camp too.  Ya'll really need to get the ladies involved in camping. We have a ladies tea on Sat. morning of our camp.  It is a general question & answer time for ladies asking about FCF & what they need to be involved.  We don't require full dress.  We have a modern camp area & our FCF village. We had over 300 people last year.  It grows every year.  We have a Friday night auction to raise money for FCF projects.  It started out to be a pie auction, now it is all kinds of FCF stuff.  I donate shirts or ladies outfits for that.  Last year I made 2 ladies & let the back up bidder take the second one.  Sat. night we have a pot luck supper with judged foods with prizes for that.  We have service each night & a devotion on Sat. morning.  Last year we had a pioneer wedding with Jeff performing it.  I made the wedding cake & decorated the marque tent.  Well it is getting late, I could go on & on about what fun we have.  You get my point & maybe you can talk someone into planning a family event in your area.  I will send you some pictures.  Ellrena

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