2006 Wet n' Wild Card Board Boat Regatta!

200 Southern Missouri District Folk showed up at the SW Division Pow Wow and enjoyed the biggest card board boat regatta yet!  We started off Friday night with outpost showing up and setting up camp.  The Division rented 10 sites on the lake and we were positioned right on the cove at the regatta site.  The men and boys from 8 outposts camped over night in tents and several other outposts camped in other sites in the campground with their church famlies.  Then after dark we all attended a neat inspiring council fire by Rob Batchman and enjoyed the Christian fellowship.  Camps were active with campfires and some of the best camping could be hear all around. 

Saturday we had a record 27 boat entries.   Over 90 boys and some young ladies participated in the Race part of the Regatta there were many more leaders and parents that help build boats and see to it all that needed done got done!  We had a great time and lots of video and pictures were taken. 

SW Division Commander Norm Kirsch  cooked up some of the best gourmet hot dogs and smoked beans and chips and drinks for the hungry regatta attenders.  We had all kinds of staff and Royal Ranger Leaders helping in many tasks.   

 1400 water balloons were filled and lobbed at our right foot of Christian fellowship brothers and sisters in Christ!

Race Results:

Best Time

Best Design

Best Teamwork

Best Titantic

Boat Builders!  15 Churches and Outposts participated!

Oak Grove Outpost 153, Gary Rowe 3 Boats 12 Rangers
Forest Ave Outpost , Kyle Tardiff 1 Boat 5 Rangers
Grace Chapel Outpost 501 , Brent Pennell 1 Boat 10 Rangers
Strafford AOG, Outpost 226, David Felkner 2 Boats 9 Rangers
Evangel Temple Outpost 97, Dan Rockafellow 1 Boat , 6 Rangers
Marshfield AOG Outpost 52, Carl Gore 2 Boats 13 Rangers
Carthage 1st, Outpost 38, Rodney Lillard, 2 Boats 6 Rangers
TRI Lakes, Outpost 343 , Richard Michaels 2 Boats 10 Rangers
Bolivar AOG Outpost 107, Rick Barnhouse 2 Boats 10 Rangers
Central AOG Outpost 6, 1 Boat 5 Rangers
Lebanon 1st AG, Outpost 64, 4 Boats and 10 - 15 Rangers
Faith AOG, Outpost 207, Joe Schmitt 2 Boat
1st AG of Odessa, Outpost 242, John Major 12
Brighton AOG Outpost 341, Jim Hemphill, 3 Boats
Morrisville AOG Outpost 347, James Gilpin 1 Boat

Link to Pictures:

Pictures by Dan Rockafellowmycamera 

Pictures by Dan Rockafellow