03-23-2020 at home hunkered down due to the stay at home order for the world wide pandemic.

Cut out the names out of Walnut and Maple.  The walnut came from a down walnut tree on the AG missions side yard.  Royal Rangers cut it up and hauled it off and resawed it and then stickered it to dry and a year and a few months latter turned it into cool stuff.  Enjoyed the scroll saw work and this was a fun project.  Will gift these out once this stay at home order passes. 


Glueing up the walnut and maple laminations

I used up almost all my clamps

These gluedup pretty tight with 6 clamps on each lamination

It was a bit cool outside so brought them into the kitchen

Used some Clamps as well not as fast as the other clamps.

4 of these ready to dry

3/8" walnut 3/8 maple and 3/8 walnut

One of these have 4 laminations

After it dries I will square it all up

Wooden lift tables make the right height perfect

Sprayed on Contact Cement makes sure these don't come off.

First cut outs.

Each one takes about hour with breaks

This one took the scroll line down into the foundation of the block with the Y

Drilled holes just big enough to get a scroll saw blade into.

Dewalt scroll saw is a great tool. I have used other scrolls saws and this one is the best I have used.

One more to cut out

Paper is still on. I used 80 grit on the table sander to get this paper and glue off. Yes it takes some work.

Wow all 4 are done

Cut out and waiting for sanding

Using Walmart simigloss clear 2x coat.

Dark walnut is pretty

The middle white maple layer really looks nice

The scroll saw does a great job of allowing me to follow the template

The Y was cut out except for a small section at the base. I needed to follow the Y a bit more down on the right side to make it easier to see.

Publisher made easy work of making these templates using Cooper Black on a arch and italics

I have a bunch of Pinewood Derby Cars made of Cedar and pine