Young Bucks starting Friday nights fire.

September 18th, 19th and 20th 2020  Daniel Boone Chapter held it's Frontier Adventure and Fall Trace combined at the Pow Wow Camp ground.  We had 77 registered with 19 of them new Member Candidates and once again we put on a wonderful 3 day camp with 60 staying over through Sunday morning service.  

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Weather was a perfect no rain forecast with high of 75 during the day and low of 46 in the early mornings.   

Covid was addressed by social distancing and good hand washing and temps taken on arrival.   

Gerald Haines "Twiggy" or "Flint Lock" as he is called organized this event and kept us all on schedule.  Many new tents where put up this setup this year.  Lots of neat leather and crafts were displayed and so much great food was cooked over campfires and Dutch ovens were once again spreading the good cheer with wonderful foods.   Home made ice-cream  and cinnamon rolls kept both sides of my camp being visited with ooooo's and awwwws all kinds!   

Jim Wallen  "Two Crows"  brought forth some very interesting history and the call to commit to prayer each day.  Ian Blackburn our District Scout brought forth the morning devotion.  Our chapter business meeting conducted by our new District Director nominated 2 scouts David and Ryan Evarts.  David ended up with one point more than his close brother Ryan and upgraded his title one level to District Scout after competitions were tallied.  Ryan Evarts is our SW Div FCF Assistant Scout.  

 The Frontier Adventure held 19 men and boys busy to the task of learning and demonstrating what they had just learned.  Thankful for all 19 of them passing all the requirements for FCF Membership.  Welcome!  While this was going on we had Ryan and David Evarts completing a Wilderness Vigil and moving up to the Wilderness Advancement Level.  Congrats!  

 There was so many wonderful things that were done by giving and serving.  Not just talking about it but demonstrated by doing it.  

 A love offering was taken up for Two Crows and he was blessed by a generous offering from the Daniel Boone Chapter membership!  

 Missions Pledges and Funds received totaled just over $1700.00 with about $600.00 of that being pledges.  Great job once again.  Half went to Missions to David Julian and the other half went to fun our Pow Wow Campground.  

 This year each outpost provided all the food and drinks and snacks for their group often sharing what they had with other outposts.  

 Twiggy setup a small trading post and supplied handles and hawks and knives and various other neat stuff that folks wanted.  

 Saturday nights ceremony was enjoyed with Folk receiving gifts off of the "Love Blanket" all kinds of neat things were given out.  

 We look forward to our Next FCF Event!   We all thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship and good intentions that were shown to all there.  Hope you can inspire your outpost to join in this fellowship.  

Mark Jones "Grin" FCF Company Clerk

Click on a picture for a larger view! Special thanks to Rob Batchman, Dan Rockafellow and Mark Jones, Shae Smith, Jim Wallen and other Facebook Friends for sharing these pictures!