January 20th, 21st, 2017 SW Division Report.

Another great Winter Outing this year! We had 81 registered at the event. Thank you everyone who attended the event and to everyone who helped with the crafts to make this a successful event. Randy did an awesome job on Friday night and Saturday night with the devotion and had a great response. Greg Ankrom and the Bolivar 1st A/G Youth Worship Team lead us in great worship.

Frank Reed  "Reed"


What a perfect weekend for the Winter Outing. Temps in the 60's and lows at night 44. 5 of us slept outside in the parking lot on cots with no shelter! I love Global Warming! (Click on a Picture for a larger view) Special thanks to our New FCF Scribe Ryan Reed aka Pike for the pictures and Mark Jones.

This years Winter Outing was very much like the previous 3 years. Held at Bolivar AOG in Bolivar, MO. In attendance right at 100 folks there. Lots of Crafting of all kinds being done there. The biggest craft of them all was spending time with these folks. Mentoring. Discipleship. Very similar yet very different. We did both by working with our hands and sharing Frontiersman Skills and working with our Heart in Faith Believing God will work in our lives.

SW Division VP Joshua Pennekamp got his first cool event demonstrated first hand by our New FCF President REED " aka Frank Reed" . Our District Scout Rieder Sprague and SW Div. Assistant Scout Isaiah Smith helped the Division to pull off a really cool winter outing.

Boys and men enjoyed leather craft all kinds. Mocs, bag, belts, sheaths, billfolds and I am sure others I just didn't get to see them all. Throwing Knives were sharpened and assembled with leather handles. Prices were rock bottom. Ole smoky Mark Jones smoked up the place with fire all kinds. Focusing in on Tender Tubes and using a Tinder Box to ignite a birds nest. Char Cloth is a rich mans' method...char wood was the Frontiersman's methods..he kept saying... I think some of that carbon got into his brain as Char Cloth is the EASY WAY! Ole Smokey Jones was showing boys how to braid jute and cotton and baptize and dip in hot wax and cut tubes and flair tubes... Lot's of fun. Lanterns, Strings of Beads and other cool stuff being made as well.

Randy brought the message in the evening service with a live band playing before and after he spoke. Food was good and fresh. Them hot dogs and that chili was awesome. I did see a few FCFers hit the Golden Arches Lounge as they didn't like eating dogs. My Shelty doesn't approve of it either. GRIN!

We closed up at around 2 p.m. on Saturday and all went our many ways back home. Thanks to all you FCFers that made this winter outing fun and exciting and helped these boy's "Live the Adventure".

Mark Jones, FCF Company Clerk....of course I had to add my two cents worth. I would love to add your two cents worth as well Always enjoying seeing others write up these events as well. I do it because I like to. Go figure? Click on a picture for a larger view.    Zip file of all these pictures.