Richland Creek 2014 Winter December 20th - 21st.  4 Creek Crossings.  Temps 47 low of 37.  Perfect Weekend.

Thanks to Rob, Justin, Sam, Marshall and Mark for sharing pictures.  Great shots folks.  Click on a picture for a larger view.

Picture Narriation youtube video of these pictures.   Justin Fisher Exploring the Ozarks Report Site.

Marshalls new Feathered Friends bag

2 packs one just a bit larger.

Gandolf wannabee

Group Shot on lookover rock

We can't cross that..we will get wet!

Invigorating for sure.

Ernie Swimming 40degrees..Hello! yum.

Swimming Ernie

6 finger falls.

Last Water Crossing!

I rate this trail at a 8 on difficulty

Twin Falls under them.

times around the fire

Falling Water Falls

Log Crossing

No Flat trails here