2006 Devils Den Backpack.  5 guys head out to Hercules Glades to pack in and hike the Long Creek.  We had a great time of camping and cooking around the fire.  Weather was delightful with temps of 34 at 4 am to 55 during the day.  It was opening day of deer season so extra care was exercised wearing hunters orange.  We day hiked from 11:00 am to about 2:00 pm along the river and had lunch at the long creek falls.

We made a bow drill fire kit from native materials...never had enough time to give it a go as I was wanting to do the figure4dead fall.  So we made one of those up and enjoyed the challenge. 

We saw 2 hunters in the area we were in around 2:30 pm when we were getting ready to hike out towards the 1/2 mile from the trail head.   Did see one deer harvested from a local that hunts that area each year.  Here is the pictures click on one to get a larger view size.  My trusty boots gave up the ghost...and I had to tie them together with cotton twine till I got back home. 

The river route offered some neat challenges.  The wool socks kept my feet warm even though my boots were letting water in... that wont' happen very often if you know me.... never hurts to be READY!  I am the guy with the Green and Orange Jacket.

God Bless and take those boys camping.  Some of these older boys were in my Ranger Group at the age of 8 and 9 and now their in their twenties!  We still had a great time of fun and fellowship even back then.