We hade a great time on Flat Creek. June 17th, 2017.  Temps 82 degrees.  Mark, Rob, Devon, Cole, Matthew and Josh.  We fished and floated. We left my house at 9:00 am hit the river at about 10:30 after dropping off a vehicle at EE.  Partly cloudy and the water level was at 4.5" at Jenkins.  A quick float we made EE Lower Flat Creek Conservation Area by 3pm.

The Cooper head snake was carrying the cat fish in his mouth about a foot out of the water.  He then went up on shore and Rob captures a few shots of him.  I forgot my camera but did have some video of Rob and Devon jumping off of a rope swing.  It was a pretty high one.  I think Rob out fished Devon and I with a couple of bigger fish.  However we all caught a ton of fish.  I gave up counting after about 30 to 40.  Rob pulled in a 14" bass.  He was pretty happy with himself. He used a bigger version of the Rebel Crawdad I used.  Cole, Matthew and Josh mainly floated and hung out.  We enjoyed a lunch on the beach and a couple of places we took a break.  The sun finally came out at around 2pm.  It was  a perfect days float.  CLICK ON A PICTURE FOR A LARGER VIEW!

Fun river to float water moved fast

Cooperhead snake swallowing a catfish

Cooperhead snake swallowing a catfish with eggs

This snake carried the catfish above the water while swallowing it.

Topo and put in place on Flat Creek