On January 18-19-2013 Southwest Division had their FCF Winter outing at Parka Crest Life 360. We had great weather for everyone to get outside and do hawk, knife and archery. Inside we had all kinds of leather crafts going on. Thanks to Frank and Ryan Reed for Leather, Patterns and material to make belts, pouches, and knife and hawk covers. David Hines taught our members how to make moccasins, very nice ones.

Bob Sederwall, Max Towler, John Strum, and John Ireland taught the rope craft merit. Very good job, the boys loved this class. J.R. Whinery set up and ran an amazing archery event outside. We had boy’s doing checkers, some were sewing and making outfits.

Frank and Ryan Reed fixed a fabulous potato stew for Friday night supper. Don Higinbotham, Ray Huffman, and Greg Persons headed up the kitchen and fed a hungry crowd, breakfast and lunch Saturday. Wonderful job guys.

A great big thank you to Pastor Jim Dougherty and Allen for the great music. Steve Copeland did a wonderful job bringing

Our devotion on Friday evening and Saturday morning. It brought everyone closer to God and Glory. Thank you Steve.

We had 68 people to register. We had 24 old timers, 27 young bucks, 4 old timers as visitors, and 13 young visitors,

At a total of 68 people.

We had Caleb Spears, young buck (yb.) winter of hawk throw and Brendan Star first place and Jarod Shafer at second place for Hawk. Knife throw was Trace Sederwall first for (yb), and David Hurley first place and Chris Manning second place for the visitors. Archery Caleb Spears (yb), and Davis Hurley first place and Brendan Star second place for visitors.

A very special thank you to Simon Tanner (Rick Dostal) for the use of Park Crest, and the leader ship he gave to us this last weekend.

A Great big thank you to all who came and participated in the outing.

So.W. FCF VP. Plainsman (Pat Davis).