Big Creek Cave Falls 17 miles south of Jasper Arkansas!   Nice day trip!  02-27-2021 was a few days past a really cold spell so everyone was ready to get out and hike!  We had 26 signed up to go and 21 made the trip.   This drive was just under 2 hours to the trail head from my house in Ozark. Temps were really nice with a high of 55 at 3pm when we were leaving and I think it was 41 when we arrived.  Partly cloudy with a few spots of sunshine.  We enjoyed 8 creek crossing all of them I was able to keep my feet dry by walking on top of rocks that were stacked just above the water level  These are a slippery slope and many find out what the cool temps of the stream is when they slip!  We had a fun time.  Never know what the creeks will do.  There have been times we peeled layers and got down to our swimming suits to cross waste deep (my limit) and once across you put on your layers and keep hiking on.  It's a thrill and a challenge for EVERYONE!  


We had a group form Mt. Vernon , Niangia and two groups from Branson join us on this trip.  This hike has so much variety.  3.9 miles is visiting 3 caves two you can poke your head into.  The boys and one Lady did some crawling and explored one cave.   We just had a great time.   Rob brought the devotion at lunch time and Jackson kindled a fire and Jenifier nursed it to a hearty camp fire!  We enjoyed this place.   At about 2:15 we started heading back to the trail head and arrived back at 3pm and then drove 2 hours back to Ozark.   The road going down allowed some smaller cars with low clearance to make it but if it was much wetter it could be a challenge getting a 2 wheel vehicle backup those muddy spots.  We didn't have any trouble but we were prepared with tow straps and 4 wheel drive help.  

Thanks to Dave Yonke and Rob Batchman for taking pictures and sharing them with us.  Click on a picture for a larger view.  Zip file of all these pictures.