Wow What a Pow Wow! 

Southern Missouri District Royal Rangers June 10th - 13th, 2010 at the District Royal Ranger Campground.


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Weeks leading up the pow wow were busy with many of the outposts working on the Theme "Knights for Christ".

Towards that theme many swords and shields and helmets and tunics and other various things were made to bring the boys into the spirit of the theme.  KNIGHTS! 


As the Big Event of the year came closer many were working behind the scenes preparing for the many many many things that go on at pow wow.  While the District staff were preparing event props and games and tools and treats and countless other things that matter to the boys.  Others were busy preparing for all the food and meals and special attractions.  Each one reaching out to do their best for the boys and men going to pow wow.  Many of the ladies that help out behind the scenes were there as always working hard to make concessions and meal times go smoothly and fun.   While other staff and leaders did training and helping to facilitate the security, color guard, Royal Patrol, First Aid and Weather just to name a few.   So many thanks are deserved and folk appreciated. 


A view from our outpost 6 Camp Commander.


I think this is my 4th pow wow with the Knights for Christ Theme.  This theme is one of the best. It allows for the boys to get involved in the spirit of the camp by making swords and shields and helmets and tunics.  6 weeks out from Pow Wow we had a Pow Wow crafting work day with about 30 in attendance.  Then each Wed and Sunday night those groups that met then continued to work on the Pow Wow projects.  Lots of things to do to prepare.  Each outpost meeting was a brief opening, announcements and bible study if we got to them.  This left about a

hour or a little more to work with the boys to accomplish the work that draws boys to Pow Wow.


The Week before Pow Wow all the costume was completed. The Yells and skits were worked on and the outpost trailer was gone through.  Sunday night was the cut off for men and boys going to Pow Wow.  Money and Permission Slips were due "Let your yes be yes and your no be no"  We had 76 scheduled for Pow Wow with Boys Adults and Staff. The Outpost was on fire with excitement and it was a record crowd going to Pow Wow.


Monday and Tuesday were filled with getting things ready to go with Primitive Snares and Root Beer making and Moat Crossing Event stuff and the part that wears me out.. figuring the food for 76 folk coming and going for 4 days.  Each meal has to be custom figured to be sure there is enough.  Wed we started shopping at Sam's at 3:30 and by 9:30 that night I was home after the last trip to Wal-Mart Super Center for the last few items Sam's didn't have.  WE hauled out 5 Big flat bed carts of food and put it in tubs and iced it down.  Phew.  I was beat. 


Thursday morning I woke up the four 14-17 year old boys that were with my son awaiting Pow Wow! 

WE loaded up and stopped by Braums for breakfast and then met the other leaders and older boys at the Ranger Annex to load up.  At 10:30 we were ready to leave with a Bus, Van pulling the outpost trailer and my truck pulling the flat bed trailer and 2 personal vehicles.  Down the road we went..."Knights for Christ"


Just past Marshfield we blew a tire on the Camp Trailer and sent the bus and a personal vehicle out ahead and we would catch up.  Everyone brought a sack lunch and drink and ate it along the way.  Soon we arrived at Pow Wow the bus and car were just behind us they missed a "new" turn and did a little sight seeing along the way. 


With about 55 there Camp was out and setup in pretty good shape by 3:30 pm.  Two Commanders put the lasagna and French bread on to heat up and bam by 5:45 pm ER group served then we were done with cut n chop recert/certification, cup rack designations, roll call and we were chowing high on the hog.


They were a wild bunch up till about 12:30.  6:30 am. you got to be kidding me. I just laid down.  So by 7 am I was up walking through camp with some cow bells telling the boys to get up it was time for breakfast.  Baggie omelets.  3 eggs, your choice of what's in it. diced -  ham, tomatoes, peppers, olives, mushrooms, cheese all in a 1 gallon Ziploc bag with your name on it and squish it all up remove the air and look at the watch and figure 13 minutes.  Each boy has to remember when his went in and come and get it in 13 minutes.  Milk and OJ and salsa and a paper plate and some plastic ware and we were READY!


8:00 am  Camp setup and clean up time.  Fine tune everything for inspection on Saturday.  Get it all out and have the boys set it up and get it ready.  Camp Commander was off teaching a primitive skills merit so a new Camp Commander was in charge of Camp for the day with a list of things to get done.  Lunch was ham sandwiches and peanut butter and jelly, fruit slice, chips, cookie more camp stuff and setups for all kinds of things.


Friday night we were fed hamburgers by Friends of Rangers for the whole camp.  Then Commanders Meeting and then back to camp to get out the costume and get the outpost ready to go.  Got skits ready for Pre assembly service at the FCF callout.  Some fun with the various talents around and some music.  It was all impromptu so we had fun.  The stage we were on was cracking while we were walking over it....lot's of fun with that. 


Friday nights service was a pageant with Knights for Christ with humor and fun and we got to see a fire breathing dragon get blown up with smoke and effects.  Lots of fun.  Speaker is a 4 Star General in the US Army.  He challenged each of us to see if we had the heart of a knight?  A great service concluded with over 44 boys going to the altars. 


Back at camp we assembled for Fireworks sent off a group and the rest of us prepared treats - Ice cold watermelons, snacks, marshmallows and extras and got the fire going and 2 cobblers.  The boys went through roll call and all were challenged and all given a token from the 4 Star General and asked to wear these dog tags with scripture on them and to think do I have a heart of a knight?  We had 14 boys hands go up of our 66 folk there around the fire that had went down to the altar for prayer.  Praise the Lord.  Lights out at 12:30  


Saturday morning.  Alarm went off at 5:45 am.  got up got my morning assembly uniform on and awoke the rest of camp.  It was tough getting up.  2 nights camping out.  WE stirred did roll call again gave out new name tags and had everyone assigned a job to do for the morning inspection.  While the boys were up at morning assembly I had the job of setting up for the moat race and getting root beer lined up and ready to go.  9:00 am the events were starting and the boys were instructed to stay out of camp and be working on the events and were given cards and strings.  After morning inspection we were able to relax a tad and have lunch.  Guest were there in camp and so many things going on.  Video of the Moat Race


Saturday afternoon we went back to our events and at 2:30 the helicopter was to come in but a big front was coming in.  I checked on the boys at the paintball event and they were still playing then went back to camp to see if a group was going to the pool.  At 3:15 or so 3" of rain came down in about 1.5 hours.  Heaviest rain I can remember and solid. We lost 2 BIG tents due to them pooling water and it just snapped their poles and ripped the nylon.  I had not seen that happen before. The smaller tents did fair a lot better.  Still a little damp but useable. At about 5:15 most had evacuated up to the new Actives Building and the bus soon pulled back down to camp as we were picking up after the deluge.


Saturday night was a feast prepared by the Friends of Rangers and that pulled pork was first class chow.  Then a Commanders meeting and then back to camp to get all the folk heading towards the nights pageant and service. 


Rewards were given out and people were recognized for their contributions to Pow Wow.

Here is a short list of the over all trophies and contests.


Best Flag   1st Place   OP# 341  Brighton AG


Best Costume   1st Place   OP# 100   Arcedia Valley AG


Best Campsite Entryway  1st Place   OP# 107  Bolivar


Largest attendance   70   OP# 6   Central AG  Springfield








1st          248      Southside Assembly, Marshall


2nd           6       Central AG, Springfield


2nd          107      First AG Bolivar


3rd          100      Arcadia Valley AG


4th          97        Evangel Temple AG, Springfield


5th          341      Brighton AG, Brighton


6th          114      Park Crest AG, Springfield


7th          94        Boss AG, Boss


Saturday nights service concluded with treats around the camp fire and lights out came a bit earlier then the night before. 


Sunday morning was tough to get up. Everyone was worn out and ready to go home!  We got up and got folk up and to morning breakfast and then to morning service. My truck with trailer had to be

pulled out twice at 2 different locations before we left.  Camp tear down took till about 1:30 pm and we headed back to church to unload and after that give out the prizes for.

[ ] Best Attitude------------------------

[ ] Best Work Ethic ------------------

[ ] Best Ranger Safety observed---

[ ] Hardest worker----------------------

[ ] Cleanest---------------------------

[ ] Best Buddy Team --------------

[ ] Cleanest Tent -------------------

[ ] Same Cup at end of camp --

[ ] Most Improved..................

[ ] Neatest Tent........................

[ ] Best Knight..................................

[ ] Best Prince...............................

[ ] Best Costume...........................

[ ] Brought most Friends (non Rangers)


Those that stayed till the end were picked from for these rewards.  The ones that stay till the end are the ones that get the prizes.  Everyone did a great job keeping their Same cup at end of camp and we all had 2 blow pops in celebration.  Praise the Lord I think we had about 33 there to

help unload and setup for air dry of gear.  You guys are the best!  Thanks for helping to the end.


Everyone was at home by 5:00 pm and still unloading the gear they brought.  It's 3 days after pow wow and my garage is still a pow wow mess...yet it's all worth the trouble to see to it that Boys are Reach, Teach and Keep for Jesus Christ.


District Director Reported!

The 2010 Pow Wow is now history.  Praise God for the 55 plus boys and

young men giving their heart to the Lord!!

Several received the Holy Spirit on Saturday night.  The total attendance

was 737.


"Thank You" to all who helped to make the Pow Wow a success.


May God's blessings be yours!


Jerry Millhouser


So many things to say thanks about.  So Thank you each and every one. 


Mark Jones


More Pictures of Pow Wow at this link!  Thanks Parson!




Aaahh! It was time to go home and rest up!  Whoo Whoo.  Gold Rush Days next year!