07-28-2023 Stockton Lake Mutton Creek Campground    Click on a picture for a larger view.

Council Fire

Part 1 of Awards

Part 2 of Awards

18 Boats racing!  140 in attendance for the race on Saturday.  40 over night campers!  Video on youtube on this race Link

Special thanks to Del Wales, Dan Rockafellow, Mark Jones, Jennifer Fisher and Rob Batchman for sharing these pictures.

Zip file of all these pictures and the Race Results by Speed, Design, Team and Titantic.
Thank you to all who made this year’s Cardboard Boat Regatta a great success. The weather was 101 f degrees HOT but perfect, the ribs were excellent, and the blessings of fellowship with our fellow rangers was memorable as always. Special thanks to Andy's Frozen Custard for the nice treat at the end of the race!

We had 10 churches represented. We gave out 13 carved cedar Regatta plaques. Raced 18 boats in heats of 3. Rob Batchman did a excellent job on our Council fire services. Special thanks to Logan Fifield our SW Div. FCF Scout for a wild run with a road flare to light the council fire with excitement!
Ozark AOG took largest attendance plaque with 11 camping!  Great job Ozark!

To the best of my memory our fastest time was 1 minute and 20 seconds performed by the Ozark ER boys. Folks asked if they had been training for this race. Well we did bring 2 canoes down Friday and they played with them for many hours. Just finished a day float in Kayaks the weekend before....so yes a little fun can take a boy a long ways.

I was surprised the 101 degree heat had dried up the new sharpies and my ink jet printer cartridges. We had to give the sharpies a drink in rubbing alcohol to keep them writing.

Special thanks to our judges. Dennis Whited, Kelley Michael, Josh Vaughan, Justin Bellah and Carl Gore. These judges were submitted by their outpost along with others and then names drawn out of a hat for the 5 needed judges. Thanks for serving!

I overheard a few of the boys at Ozark talking while eating our hot dogs and baked beans at the picnic table in our campsite. One of them said, “This is the funniest event.” I think we can often overlook the significance of the things we do, year after year, or week after week. Things that become common place to those of us who have enjoyed these experiences many times over can often be a life-changing memory for a boy. I hope you will never ever forget – what you do MATTERS. Everything you do to provide a pathway for a boy to become more like Christ MATTERS.

Thank you to all those who made this event possible.  Special thanks to Richard Michael and Rob Batchman for hamming up the Regatta! Outstanding!

Thank you to the district leaders who put it all together –John Hicks, Mark Jones, Rob Batchman, Dan Rockafellow, Richard Michael. Each one doing the part God has called them to. Leaders that bring boys are the very best. So much effort for the souls of these boys.

Thank you to the parents who provided a way for the boys to be there.

And most importantly – thank you to every outpost leader who built cardboard boats, bought groceries, loaded the trailer, handed out & collected permission slips, called parents, picked up boys, got up early & stayed up late, and once again did all those things you so often do to make one more ranger event a success for boys, yours and mine.

What you did this weekend mattered. Because of you,
All was cleaned up and heading home by late afternoon.

All the Regatta gear is cleaned up and put away and ready for the next event! Yet this only happend after I got 11 hours of rest from this WET N WILD Weekend!

Mark Jones, Regatta Race Coordinator
Participants also shared with us and had this to say!
Another Royal Ranger Cardboard Boat Race in the books!
Every year brings something different, and this will definitely be another to remember:)
The last couple weeks we built this year's boat as the Church Bus, complete with a picture of Pastor Miller at the wheel!
Had some great help painting it last Wednesday, even if more ended up on the boys than the boat LOL
CJ and Stormy braved the mighty waters of Stockton Lake and made it all the way!! Great job boys!!
Thanks to all the amazing folks on our District who put in the sweat hot WORK to make this happen. Big shout out to Ozark AG for operations and Evangel Temple for food!!! This favorite annual event wouldn't happen with out them!!
Jennifer Fisher