April 29th, 2021  Camp Millhouser Log Cabin Rebuild

This project started several years ago.  Michael Harris and Don Bixler discussed moving the log cabin from it's current location to the FCF Area.  A team worked hard at tagging and removing each log and then moving these 40 logs up 1/2 mile to the new location.  This was a major feat in itself!

Soon foundation pillars were dug and concrete was poured.   Covid hit and put a hold on everything for about a year.   Then in early April of 2021 the team started cutting the new base logs number 1 and 2 all around the four sides with new oak logs.   New dovetail type joints were cut and the logs put in place. This is a very tedious process.  These logs 17' long and 8" thick and about 12" wide are very heavy and some of them take several people to move them. 

We repaired about 9 logs making new ends and replacing rotten wood with better wood.  It is all 150 plus years old so the patina of it was what we were after.  Lots of hours of taking the old and making it work with some new parts.   It's amazing that after we stacked all 40 logs up to the Rafter logs it was all with in a 1" of each other.  That's pretty good for a 171 year old building that has been given new life with a firm foundation.   With out vision the people perish!  There was a lot of vision in this project!  Even more hard work!   Special thanks to Michael Harris, Gerald Haines, Mark Jones and Dan Rockafellow for sharing these pictures with us.

Special Thanks to John Bell and his wife and son for the back porch addition and the siding and alot more!   Michael Harris has been busy putting in wire in the inside cavities between the logs ready to hold the chinking.

Click on a picture for a larger view.  Zip file of all these pictures.