Ranger Mobile Race at Trilakes Church in Branson Missouri.

It was an exciting race day at Tri-Lakes Center for the 3rd annual Ranger Mobile Race. Spectators saw lots of fast racing and action.
There were 51 racers, 29 from the South Section and 22 from the North Section. Richard Michael and his crew did an outstanding job hosting the event. They had a great concession stand staff with a delicious menu. Kelly Michael started the boys out with some singing and Richard lead the boys and girls to the Word of God and gave them an inspirational message. Richard and Kelly also provided pony rides for a dollar per ride. Funds raised from the pony rides were designated to go to BGMC.

Thanks to everyone that took part in the race. Please take time to think about and write down your suggestions on how we can make improvements on the next Ranger Mobile race.

1st place Ranger Kids - Roy Chauvin - Tri-Lakes
2nd place Ranger Kids - Samson Cochron - Peace Chapel
3rd place Ranger Kids - Kaleb Ivey - Peace Chapel
4th place Ranger Kids - Tommy Brasher - Peace Chapel
5th place Ranger Kids - Brandon Cox - Tri-Lakes

1st place Discovery Ranger - Austin Clancy - Tri-Lakes
2nd place Discovery Ranger - Christian Robison - Tri-Lakes
3rd place Discovery Ranger - Joseph Pingleton - Tri-Lakes
4th place Discovery Ranger - Simon Wray - Fairgrove
5th place Discovery Ranger - Elijah Cochran - Peace Chapel

1st place Adventure / Expedition - Mathew Klika - Central
2nd place Adventure / Expedition -Stephen Robison - Tri-Lakes
3rd place Adventure / Expedition -Jeremiah Goldberg - Tri-Lakes
4th place Adventure / Expedition - Nathan Vandevende - Nixa
5th place Adventure / Expedition - Joel Pingleton - Tri- Lakes

1st place Open Class - Amber Russell - Peace Chapel
2nd place Open Class - Whitney Felkner - Peace Chapel
3rd place Open Class - Kelsi Shreve - Nixa
4th place Open Class - Hope Cochran - Peace Chapel
5th place Open Class - Erica Eubanks - Billings

1st place Commanders - Travis Hendon - Central
2nd place Commanders - Todd Van Devender - Nixa
3rd place Commanders - David Shreve - Nixa

1st place Design - Nixa
2nd place Design - Billings
3rd place Design - Peace Chapel

Overall Speed - Matthew Klika - Central

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