So. Mo. District, Southwest Division, Joplin, West Plains, Springfield North and Springfield South Sections hosted a Ranger Kids Day Camp.

August 20th, 2011 at Ozark AOG in Ozark, Missouri.  The boys participated in many events; archery, sling shot, ball toss, bean bag toss, pack stuffing, talk to Pastor, cart race and rode big wheels and a cool refreshing water slide with a tug of war rope across the water slide. It was another high class event that had all kinds of neat attractions for boys.  Pastor Jim Doughtery brought the devotion right after lunch just before the plaques and ribbons were given out.  Ray Reece our SW Division Coordinator was healing up from surgery so District Commander Jerry Millhouser and Norm Kirsch headed up the event.  Attendance was down with 30 boys attending.  The first week of school is hard to compete with. Summer is closing down and school is starting up.  It's a busy life we live.

Central AOG won the plaque for largest attendance.  5 boys. 

Special thanks to Dayspring Church for sharing these photos.

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