Rendezvous 2008 Eagle Rock, Missouri

820 Royal Ranger folk and vendors put on a very neat Christian Frontiersman Fellowship.

Men and boys from all around our United States brought their 1750 - 1850 Frontiersman Shelters and camped


and fellowshipped, worshiped and did Frontiersman skills and we all had a great time.  The evenings after the sun

went down were nice and cool.  Day time temperatures 80 - 90 degree range.  Not a drop of rain.    Click on a picture to get

a larger view.  Pictures were collected from various cameras.  If you have some to add please send them to me for posting.

David Perkins took some more great shots this is the link to his pictures.  Perkins

Rick Dostal took some more great shots this is the link to his pictures:  Dostal

Jim Haines took some more great shots this is the link to his pictures:  Haines

Records were set in pre registrations and in attendance. Pictures is at the bottom of this text.
Report on the happenings from my perspective.
 Most showed up on Sunday afternoon and Evening since meal tickets started then.  Meals were pre ordered or you could bring and cook your own.  I enjoyed the meal time as I was able to meet lots of neat folk from around the country as we shared dinner together.  The day was full of excitement and lots of work setting up getting things out and starting work on projects that had been started months and years before.  Seems like everyone had some project they were working on.  Men and boys pulled out their trading blankets and the trading began.  Sunday evening was a time around the fire visiting other campfires and relaxing.
Monday.  BOOM the cannon went off at 6:30 a.m.  Just before that we could hear the White Dove next door cooing softly.  The night was one of the coldest I have experienced in July in many years and many of us were not prepared for such a cool night.  I left my many sleeping bags at home and opted out to be period correct with a wool blanket and a cotton sheet.  In the middle of the night I dragged up a tarp to use as a blanket and covered my head.... we didn't put up the tent side where I was at just slept out in the open and I was covered with dew.... The rest of the camp we closed the walls on the tent and slept much better... I was surprised no snorers' in our tent of 15.
The Day brought out the sun and the camp was active.  Breakfast was a 1/4 mile trip to the mess pavilion and we were all fed and ready for the day.  It was a relaxing time of fellowship and piddling.  We all worked on various projects from leather craft, hawk handle buying and hawk sharpening and spending our monies at traders row and the Camp store.  We picked up our Camp Copper medallions, pins and t-shirt and shopped the traders row in the FCF village.  Our group went to the pool and cooled off in the afternoon.  We were not allowed to have "fun" in the pool and if we did we had to get out walk over to the next ladder and get back in.  Commanders had to go each time their boys were caught splashing, dunking, wrestling or baptizing each other in the I made many trips out of the pool when the whistle was blown on some of Somo's very best.
Evening service was wonderful and timely and we looked forward to the rest of the messages the rest of the week as the Speaker was one of the best I had heard in a long time.  He was interactive, illustrative and to the point and timely.  Each nights services were accompanied with Blue Grass Gospel and Older Hymns of the Church.  "My Favorite"  When a song about the Blood of Jesus comes forth the Holy Ghost brings the witness and blesses our souls. 
Tuesday - Thursday was more of the same.  Hawk and Knife throwing were one of the major things our boys were doing for hours each day.  They played handles where they would all throw at the targets and try and chop the others handles in half... one game lasted 2 hours and my son was delighted he chopped the last handle and he was  very proud of his hawk handle as it stood the test...full of chops, full of splits but still useable.   He won the Knife throw out of the young bucks and was awarded a Big Knife and a Bunch of Leather was neat how that worked out at Thursday evening they had a Big Auction that lasted for a couple of hours and many of the boys snuck out and were throwing hawks and knives while the rest of the camp was bidding on stuff. The auction raised Four Thousand dollars for Pathfinder missions trips.  Then the boys were trying to stack 3 targets on top of each other and the camp safety officer said your getting carried away so he broke up the Hawk fest.  I found the boys up on the Johnny Barnes Lodge front porch over looking the camp rocking in the big rocking chairs.  The service was starting so I herded the boys towards the service.... my son said Dad...they are up there giving out awards and recognizing them folk and I don't know any of them ...about that time Tommy Regeal come up the hill yelling for Marshall...hey you wont young buck knife throw... come get your prize... "Thanks Father" 
Trips to the lake were made 3 times and the boys enjoyed climbing up in the trees jumping into the HIGH WATER about 8' feet higher than normal so the water was up over some of the picnic tables. 
Each service stirred our hearts to be men of purity, character and honor.  Some prayer altar time lasted for hours for those that stayed and prayed through.  I know a work was being done.  After the evening service they played a flute recording that added a lot to the evening atmosphere. 
Friday  Eat - pack up and go home to our wives and moms.  What a great time of refreshing and relaxation and fun.  Thank you Lord Jesus for Royal Rangers and the FCF. 
Just one small glimpse of what was going on from my perspective.  There was so much more and I encourage you to share your story at Rendezvous!     I wished we could do this in 2 years again as it will be 6 years before we do this again. 
Mark Jones