August 10th and 11th, 2012  Mutton Creek Camping Area on Stockton Lake

Ray Reece Director of the Southwest Division hosted another wonderful Pow Wow and Cardboard Regatta event.

100 - 150 in attendance.  26 Boats Registered (some ran several times).  12 churches represented.  82 Rib dinners sold.  6 boys

went forward for salvation and 1 for special prayers.  Over 102 lunches were sold.  99 folks camping on site.  Several families came

in and camped at separate camping sites.   Weather was perfect.  Low of 59 and high of 91.  Beautiful!

This year we had several deductions on boat design using duck tape to cover the hull and foam products used for glue and floatation devices.  Also had a lot of eager beavers jumping out of the boats to touch the cones before they reached the 15' landing zone.  Yet these things don't go unnoticed and the Judges have to deduct points for it to keep the race fair in all respects.  We are GLAD YOUR HERE!  Keep to the rules!

Race results at this link.  Keep in mind that point deductions come in after these reports are printed.  We want all to have a great fair time!

My report is found at the bottom of the pictures.  Click on a picture for a larger view.

Pictures Submitted by Dan Rockafellow! 

Pictures from my camera found below.

Card board pickup and early boat building. Youtube video

Card Board Boats being built in the Middle stages Youtube Video   

  Cardboard Boats being built in fast forward Youtube Video

3 weeks ago we started building boats.  Talking it up gathering cardboard and trying to get folks involved in the process. It's a good thing to see the Commanders working hand in hand with these boys.  The boys can build the boats.  We as leaders can get in there Tell, Show and then help them do. 

This year I was able to take the Thursday off before the BIG event to get things going.  My truck was loaded to the brim and only enough room in it for me. 

A 2 minute youtube video on my arrival at the Mutton Creek Regatta Site.

Rob Batchman and I went down early evening on Thursday night and unloaded some stuff setup some stuff and then just before dark went fishing. He was up on me 2 fish to my 0.  There was a no burn order out so we had no fire.  So I crashed in my hammock and Rob crashed in his tent. We had a cool breeze most of the night and the stars were very bright.  Next morning after a sleepless's hard to sleep in wet clothes and keys in your pocket in a hammock.. I knew better but just did it anyway..paid the price with no sleep. GRIN!  Friday morning while I was setting up Rob was watching his fishing pole more that he was helping me setup... I had to chide him a bit while he pulled in 2 fish.. nothing like a bobber going below water to send Rob running!  Then after a bit we drove up to the local Gas /Store and had the fix us a sausage egg biscuit and then went fishing up by a mile long bridge and the rocks along the edge and the hill blocked the was near paradise... ROB caught ZERO FISH and I got about 6.  So I was up on him by 2.  Folks started showing up and Jerry Millhouser showed up in his Bass Boat and he and Rob went out for a spin and showed back up about Rib dinner eating time with 3 big fish stories to tell me...uh huh.. uh huh... So I had to take it on faith that neither of two of my best friends Ranger Buds were spoofing me...uh huh..GRIN!

After a fantastic Rib dinner, Ribs, Smoked Green Beans, Salad with dressing, baked potato and trimmings and sweet bug was PERFECT!  Best 4.00 mean I ever had..EVER!

Travis Hendon brought the group together for the council fire service. No burn order so it was a  dark service yet the HOLY SPIRIT was there.  Travis talked about building your heart on the Rock of Jesus Christ.  There is always 50 folk telling you 50 ways to have victory.  Here is the truth.  Your faith must remain in Jesus by what He has done for us at Calvary has given the Holy Spirit the RIGHT To work on our behalf   Our faith must remain in Jesus if we want the Power of God working in our lives not only for salvation but sanctification.  What bought and paid for us at Calvary is still working on our behalf today after salvation yet our faith must remain in Jesus and HIS sacrifice at the cross. 

The Big Wet n Wild Cardboard Boat Regatta came along and we had a great time.  It's always good to get home.  Get unpacked and clean up and relax for a few minutes!

May our Lord and King Jesus bless each and everyone of you.  So many folks to say thanks to.  Know your appreciated.

Mark Jones

p.s  Here is a link to all the boat plans you can use and tips and more!