06-08-2017 - 06-11-2017  High of 84 low of 60 light breeze!   ZIP File of all these pictures!


District Director Report! Royal Rangers: What a Pow Wow!! What beautiful weather & no rain!! And best of all the evening services were soooooo great!!! 42 responded Fri. night for salvation 544 in attendance. 

Send me your story about what happened to your boys at the Friday & Saturday night services.  I would like to know. We need to advertise what happened at Pow Wow and in the hearts of the boys The audience was so good & quiet while the speaker was ministering to them. The boys are to be commended as well as you Royal Ranger leaders.  Thanks for being there Royal Rangers may His blessings be yours!  I pray that HE will bless you abundantly.

Jerry Millhouser


The Saturday evening massage DID provoke our boys to consider what GOD plan "is" for them individually.          Thank you for leading the opportunity for "we" leaders to start that conversation. It continued TODAY as well.   THE WEATHER..!!!   Not a drop of water fell...excellent  sleeping weather of a nite .... !!                                                         OP#348 Rangers @ Dayspring, Springfield, Missouri 


ET Color Guard did an excellent job this Pow Wow!

Now here they are in a different line up!

These young men have been very involved, the past five years, in the Color Guard and Pow Wow Pageants.
I really appreciate their work ethics, Christian Leadership and integrity.       (Left to Right)
Ben Zeh, Trenton Sederwall , Joshua Woodman , Trace Sederwall  ,Ben Johnston , Josh Pennekamp (Not    in picture)

Bob Sederwall- District Program Coordinator


If you have pictures to share please send them to markjonesranger@hotmail.com  a link is a wonderful thing. It just keeps giving.  Click on a picture for a larger view.

Special Thanks to Jerry Haines, Mark Jones, Dan Rockafellow, Bob Sederwall for sharing the pictures. 



Pictures from Dan Rockafellow!