SW Division of the Southern Missouri District once again hosted a fun fill Pow Wow and Cardboard Boat Regatta Race.  August 22nd and 23rd, 2014.  The sun was out the whole time and temps was in the 103 degree range for a "Hottest Day of Summer Award" we even made the local TV Station news Ky3 came up to Stockton lake and video taped and did a interview with me.  It was fun and it was hot and it was a lot of work but oh the rewards!  More reports below the pictures.

79 camping over night and a bunch on Saturday.

Racing results.  We had 11 Outposts Represented.  24 boats raced some of them 2 times.  We had 15 boats that competed for Titanic Award (they sank). 

Outposts Represented.

Oak Grove AOG - 153, Life 360 - 360, Abudant Life - 271, Galloway - 363, Evangel Temple - 97, Central AOG -6, Brighton AOG - 341, Dayspring - 348, Lebanon 1st - 64, Second AOG - 73, Faith AOG - 207.

Card Board Boat Racing, Team, Design and Titanic Scoring.

Ky3 TV station report.

Invitation Video of  the walk around of the trailer 3 minutesVideo on Youtube of Central Racing 5 minutes  1st race of the day.

Outpost 6 Boys Interview of their boats.

Video by John Hicks from the water.


Please Commanders.  NO SCREWS.   NO STAPLES.  NO Boards in Boats.  These are  a SAFETY HAZZARD.  While in the water and dragging the remains up to be loaded up on the trailer and when we off load it to the burn pile.  Those sharp projections draw blood.  Besides all that. The Judges score you down by 50% if they see them. I use screws and plywood as temporary clamping system..but NONE are left in the boat.  Thanks for understanding and heeding the rules

Please click on a picture for a larger view.  Special thanks to Rob Batchman and Dan Rockafellow for the contribution of pictures.

Mark Jones Race Coordinator.



We had the 14th annual cardboard boat Regatta yesterday. Incredible event, at Stockton Lake. Great time. Invite you all to come next year. Many of the boats sink in the middle of the lake. So funny. But a great time watching thousands of water balloons launched at the boats, the determination of the kids, and some of the best ribs ever on Friday night. Exhausted but a great great time. The lake was wonderful."

Rob Batchman,  Regatta Race Announcer.


Each year at the end of summer I think back of all the wonderful, fun challenging events that Royal Rangers had brought me to and through. I see around me men and women of like heart and mind that are deeply committed to raising up a child in the way they should go.

You Commander inspire me to do more. When I looked around this weekend I saw folk that believe God's Word of denying self. It takes a person of faith to leave their comfort zone and spend time and resources with these young people called Royal Rangers.

The Bible says, Jesus said the Harvest is great but the workers are few. While there are many workers in the various ministries in our Churches and I thank God for them. I am so many times reminded by YOU that it's not about my comfort or my recognition or my two cents in the whole process. It's about Reach , Teach and the hardest part Keeping these young folk for Christ.

Well done Commanders and Friends of Rangers that make these events happen. In my 20 years of Rangers the boys come back often with now their boys and many times I hear thank you for taking us on these events. Classroom time is important but it's when we go and do that makes it all stick.

When I looked around this weekend. I saw people with HEART. God's Word talks about taking heart. Folks with heart out preform those that on the outside look like the best thing that hit Rangers..when in reality the ole chunk of coal that has no pride that God can use to turn into a diamond of a person for Christ. It's those folks that are a core of Rangers. Not a lot of shine and professionalism but with God's Help they take Rangers to a even higher mark in God's work. So when your asked... are you a ole chunk of coal. Smile and said I sure hope so.

The Cardboard Boat Regatta was a ton of fun this year. So much work by ALL of you. Thanks.

Mark Jones