2020 Card Board Boat Regatta!  Stockton Lake Ruark East Campground Sites A1 A4 A6 A8 A19 and 1 is where we did the race!

15' long 5 wide and 14' tall. Built in 7 days.

Largest Attendance Outpost

This group took 6 plaques home and Sr. Pastor was there cheering them on!

A short video of this big boat going down!      Brock Wells Video of Regatta  Zip file of all these pictures. 

TO:  SW Division Leadership and those attending the Regatta and RK Day Camp

Thanks to all of you who attended the cardboard boat regatta on August 7-8 and the RK Day camp on August 29.  Without you being there they would not been successful.  One young man was saved at the cardboard boat regatta.

I appreciate all who volunteered to serve meals at both events.  Also, a great thanks to those who came to help prepare the site at Jerry’s a week before the Day Camp and those who helped with the set up and those who stayed afterwards to repack the trailer.  This help was a blessing to me.  Teamwork always make the jobs go faster.

 SW Division Director

Ray L. Reece

Report by Mark Jones

We raced 17 Boats.   6 Churches Represented.     Outpost 167 Ozark AOG won Largest Attendance with 31 camping overnight.    Outpost 97 Evangel Temple, Outpost 271 Abundant Life Neosho, Outpost 38 Grate Pointe, Outpost 133 Branson1st AG and a couple more there that were attending!

A little rain on Saturday morning from 6:00 am to 9:10 am.  Temps were comfortable at 80.  Evening we had a slight breeze.  Richard Michael did an excellent job on the Friday night Council Fire and Saturday morning devotion.  We had one boy saved from what he heard and quoted during this event.  Dan Rockfellow and team did an outstanding job as always on the Rib dinner and trimmings.  Saturday lunch of hotdogs as well.  With the Covid 19 we had extra things we did to help reduce exposure.  Rob Helfer made the rounds both days taking temps from outposts.   Ray Reece did a great job of organizing once we got past the "no sites reserved" we were able to get some new sites and make the best out of it.  Things don't always go as planned except for our Pirate ship it was perfect.  We couldn't have planned that boats demise any better.  It was awesome!  Video on youtube of that! 

Special thanks to our Judges for their help.  Don Arendt, Dr. Roger Holden, Lage Griggsby, Pastor Stan Miller and Jeremy Rogers.    John Hicks ran the race timing software.  Richard Michael and Rob Batchman did a great job of announcing.  I heard folks laughing all day long.  

 Special thanks to Mark Jones and team, Rob Batchman, Dan Rockafellow for sharing their pictures with us.  Click on a picture for a larger view.    PDF file of the racing stats..

 So many people all doing the right things made this event very fun and successful.  Leaders that bring their boys and church family to these type of events makes Royal Rangers the best Family Ministry out there.  Seeing boys saved is our main goal and building life long servant leaders as well as developing character via events like this.  One of these events to me is the equivalent of several months of meetings.  Take those boys outside.   After a weekly refreshing Leave the walls of the Church and show Jesus to the World!  Rangers does just that!