SE and NE FCF Divisions held a Winter Campout.

NE Division Winter Outing
January 20-21, 2006 
This winter outing we were accompanied by 12 men from the SE Division. We appreciated their attendance.
By God's Grace once again we had another great outing. It started with a great meal prepared by Dennis Faulkner & Tammy King.
Danny Chappell opened the service with worship, he did a fantastic job and even got the boys involved in playing instruments and singing.
Doug Lout was our speaker and WOW! He spoke on giving God our all.
When it all came to an alter call, and many went up to get prayed for, and a boy from Victory Church, Nick Selze gave his heart to Jesus. This was awesome! We rejoiced with the angels.
After the service the boys had a lot of work ahead of them. They began work on the merits that were needed, or that they wanted to earn. Friday night we worked on the firearms safety taught by Smokey (Robbie Benwell), and lashing taught by Kevin Levart. This made up a late night.Saturday morning after breakfast Our NE division assistant scout Kyle Major, spoke on "What it takes to give it all". The young man is anointed and spoke to our hearts. After our devotional and announcements we had a knife and hawk merit class taught by Twoforks (Bob Triaphan). At this time our skeet shoot was under way, we also had a black powder and knife and hawk range.
After all the events and merits were pretty much over, we set up a couple of archery targets. This seemed to be enjoyed by all that was involved.
This outing was a blast! Can't wait for the next one.
We also raised $175.00 for missions.