Northwest Division Winter Outing

January 9-10, 2009


A good time was had by all at our winter outing.  We had 15 young bucks and 17 old timers members with 16 young bucks and 2 old timer visitors for a total of 50.  Great food and fellowship.  Our District Scout spoke Friday night and our Assistant Scout brought devotions Saturday morning.  A big thank you to Dave Perkins and David Huff for guitar and banjo music.  We did our normal crafts: powder and blowing horns, candle lanterns , hawks and knives and sheaths for them, personal pouches and bags of all sorts.  Two Crows gave some great instructions on beading and bead work.  We also made bee’s wax candles.  Thanks to all of our old timers for their help and knowledge to work with our young bucks to get their projects finished.


Submitted by,

Jerry “Flintlock” Haines


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