Finley River Float up river from Riverside bridge to next bridge north. About a 1 hour float.

August 27th, 2016   Click on a picture for a larger view.

The Day that sucker fish hooked a human. 

The last days of summer you just can't let them float on by.  One must be determined to go and float and fish them when the time allows for it.  Yes we all have a million and one things to get done around the house but just keep in mind cold weather is just a few weeks away. 

Rob and I drove our trucks to Riverside dropped Robs truck there and then drove up river to the next bridge that goes over Finley River.  We unloaded and locked up the truck and hit the water.  Some folks were down there fishing and soon we were catching fish as well.  I must have caught 30 fish this trip. They were hitting the Rebel Crawdad just as soon as it hit the water.  Rob was bottom water fishing for BIG Bass and he caught 4 of them one really nice one he said. 

I cast out and hit about 4" from the bank and bam I had a fish hit it.  I thought it was a 12" bass but it was a sucker fish.  As I was removing the treble hook HE Flopped back and forth and drove the other trebble hook into my left hand pointer finger...YEOOOW.   I tried to remove the hook out of my hand as the fish flopped around digging it in even deeper.  So I changed my focus and got the fish off the hook.  I hollered at Rob and he was so busy catching fish his 911 emergency paddle trip to me.  I just cut the hook off the lure.    I mash the barbs on my trebble hooks so I can easily slip the fish off the hooks.  This hook was not coming out.  I used my needle nose pliers and YEOOOW!  So I took my dyke plier cutters once again and cut the hook in half just above skin level. 

I was out of Rebel Crawdads so I used a black minnow looking lure and still caught 10 more fish. 

We enjoyed a nice 2 hour float on the River and the water quality was excellent being able to see 5 feet deep into the River bottoms. 

When I got  home I took some ice and some numbing jell and needle nose pliers and worked that  hook out.  The last pull was a pull in desperation like pulling a tooth.  I am glad that is over with.  Crush those barbs you never know when you will be the one hooked!