Survival Campout at Sandstone Ridge 04-30-2016 Temps high of 70 low of 58 overcast a perfect event.

Click on a picture for a larger view.  Special thanks to Brenda Millhouser for the grub run!  Thank You!

Wonderful Job!

24 men and young men join from 4 outposts to share in a 28 hour survival campout.  We had a great time learning Wilderness Survival, Primitive Snares, Primitive Shelters and even knocked off a Orienteering Course requirement.  Pictures say it all.  If you don't do this with your Rangers your missing out on one of the best camps ever.  As the boys learn skills they discover raw foods that they prepare and enjoy.  Corn on the cob, Potatoe, 3 eggs and yes they eat worms....gummie worms. GRIN!  It's all good and it's all ADVENTURE.  If you need a good plan on one of these holler.  This one works.  3 years in the running and it keeps growing. 


Over 30 plants identified

Check out this suspension Bed!!!

Trail Walks discovery and Adventure

You can eat this!

Boys harvesting Greens

Were Cooking up good stuff.

Fungus amongus.

Jerry is Amazing!

Commanders and Dads learning the way.

having fun!

Cutting out figre 4

A lot of on the ground work.

We can do this!

My favorite Picture Accomplishment

Camp Cooking in Tin can!

Boys had their own fires.

These guys were a riot!

Shelters abound

What corn on the Cob? YES!

Dreaming about being home in bed.

This critter just showed up at our fire and slept there.

The various camps around

Good times and stories abound.

Boys of all ages love these camps.

We Survived!

Dads and Sons!

ER Refector!

ERNIEST our super man!

bacon on a Stick.

Joshua. Led Worship. Good Job!

3 times he knocked our bacon into the fire..3 times!

Best home award! With spring bed and fire inside. Not recommend for boys.

Everyone had to try the spring bed. I gottta get me one of those.

This was the best!

With poncho door.

New guys came and want more of this!

Dad's realize just what they missed last night!

photo bombed at a stop light.

Almost all asleep with in 15 minutes after leaving!

Wore them out WE DID!

O the clean up! YUP it's worth it.    More reports just like this one.   Special Thanks to Joshua Pennekamp for these pictures.