June 3rd 2020  Box Joint Jig.  After reviewing 3 weeks of youtube videos on box joints I decided on this setup.  I don't know who the original idea guy was but the Wood Father had some great ideas and #24 Box Joint was very good as well.  I am so thankful for youtube authors that share the great ideas they have.  This jig is simple and configurable on the fly.  I plan on cutting 10 3/8 thick box sides at a time in a batch mode.   I will use two 90 degree fences on the 2 t slots and sandwich the stock in between them.  One fence will  have some T slot  clamps on the face of it to hold the stock in tight.  As of now with the one fence I can cut 4 sides at a time.  The T slot fence will at sometime have a replaceable waste bottom put on it or I will trim it up from time to time.  I can use a waste board behind the stock to stop tear out.    The t-slot fence is screwed onto the other fence so when I tighten down the t slot clamps it won't pull the T slots out of the grove.  It's a bit over 1" of plywood instead of 3/8" of plywood.

Video of me talking about this jig.

I was able to sand and clean up this jig and add another fence.  The above link is talking about this update.  The following set of pictures is from the previous 3 days of the build process.  This jig works great!


Box Joint Jig

Plywood Fingers 1/4" by 1.5" x 2.25" ReadyBackerHardwood

I moved this knob 3 times as my jig fingers were flexing.

Sizing up the fence for T -Slot tracks

I was thinking weight would be a issue but its not in use.

Shown Tslot clamps

Old Crayon Box I am wanting to make a bunch of these.

One other guy on youtube had this box as well.

My first box joint cuts

I cut them a bit proud but can sand them off.

After taking the flex out of the jig fingers it worked perfect.

No glue on these yet.

Side view of Jig

I have one finger out for a quick tool to line stuff up.

Piano Lid will get one more board added to lock the fingers down as well as in.

T-nut. I moved this 3 times. HA!

I will clean this up with some vineer and putty.

Fence with tslots installed will have 2 90 degree fences for batch work.

Shows the stop board out on the lower left.

I will make one more of these 90 degree fences for other side of boards I am cutting.

T slots didn't have holes in them. I had to drill them and counter sink the holes before I installed them.

These tslot clamps held very well for 2 pieces at a time.

My first box cut with this jig.

With glue these are tight enough. I can change out the drill bit with something a couple thousands bigger and It would be perfect and tight.

Was very pleased this thing worked perfect once I got the flex out of the jig fingers.

Will remove these hold down fingers for batch work and use another 90 degree fence

Jig shown with the fence down about 4" after cutting the box joints.

Piano hinge locks in the fingers.

The drill bit pin that is just 0004 mill less than the saw blade is inbetween the first jig finger the side.

Jig finger I placed on the top edge to show it's moved in one finger on the second set. This finger is just for show it's not doing anything.

When I set this up for the first set of boards The fence is all flush with the side of the jig. In this case it's moved over one finger.

Another shot of the fence being over 1 finger

I can cut 1/4" or any combination of 1/4" box joints. 2" box joints no problem just rearrange the fingers.

Slide stopper. It's simple and quick and it swings up.

Stopper bloxk swung up out of the way.

Stopper block swinging out of the way.

Nice jig. I can't wait to cut some oak and make the box joints. I have some 3/8 red oak all ready!