2008 TriLakes Church Springfield Sections Race their Rangermobiles.  Even in the Rain it's a great time!

Hats off and many thanks to Tri-Lakes Church, Richard Michael, and all his leaders for putting on another great Ranger Mobile Race.  We survived the rain delays and had a great time.  Not only did the  boys and girls get to race, they had pony rides,  paintball target shoot, and real good food to keep everyone busy and well fed.  There was an excellent message given by Jared Pingleton and the worship team from Tri- Lakes was outstanding.  Praise the Lord!

We did have a couple short rain delays but as you can see by the photos we got some canopies in place and the rain didn't stop our fun. There were 44 registered racers and in some classes every participant went home with a trophy.  We had 5 churches participate and we missed having Lonnie (Commander Crash) Nance there, but Richard Michael did have a spectacular crash after loosing control right off of the starting ramp. It wasn't pretty but, thankfully he had his helmet on and there were no injuries, at least physical, to Commander Richard.

Along with the Racing trophies we had 3 design trophies handed out.  The creativity really stood out in many of the Ranger Mobiles.  Day Spring Church brought two Ranger Mobiles one with an ingenious new brake system to go with the massive rear spoiler fin. Their mobile was named the Black Horse.  You need to see the photos.  Billings also brought multiple cars including the Hillbilly 1 and 2 with the antlers, hanging pine tree air freshners, toilet seat, and lava buns seat cushion. Evangel Temple brought their car equipped with a new welded steel roll cage and vented side panels named the flying fortress.  It was a difficult job for the judges, but in the end they gave they gave the 3rd place trophy to Billings with the Hillbilly 1 car.  The second place trophy went to Day Spring with the Black Horse.  Evangel Temple took home the 1st place trophy with the Flying Fortress.

We are always looking to improve the your Ranger Mobile racing experience, so please let us know of any safety or other improvements you might think of before next year when we strap on those helmets and head to the finish line again.  
Thanks to all who worked and participated.

Dan Rockafellow

South Springfield Section Commander