March 3rd, 2018  Springfield Sections once again held a spectacular Ranger Derby event.  Racing 2 tracks.  130 people in attendance and racing approximately 100 cars.  The event was held at Evangel Temple in their BRAND NEW Family Life Center Gym.  Weather was perfect for a March day.  The event featured some new ideas.  Real "Collector Car on Display".  Mouse Trap and Rubber band powered Inventors Class.  Even brought in Classic Ranger Derby Cars from the past to race.  I was not there for the race as I was moving my son and his wife up near the Pow Wow campground.  

Paul Mark had a dad in his outpost shoot video of the racing.  Here is a link to that.  He did a great job and got many different views.  You tube video.

Also Dan Rockafellow not only hosted the event but was even able to take the pictures found below.  Special thanks to the whole crew that put this event together.  Gary Rowe and the Oak Grove crew has faithfully brought their track to run these races.  It takes a lot of work to haul it assemble it and then run it then to pack it all up and unload it.  We are blessed by their work  ethic. 

Evangel Temple had a cool new staging light that was designed and built with in the last 2 months.  Sorry to say I don't have names for all these fine folk.  I heard several great reports on the races.   A lot of folk walked away with trophies and prizes.  My car even came home with a Andy's Frozen Custard gift card as well as some cool ribbons. 

I think Pastor Charlie from Evangel Temple was the devotion speaker and the race car driver!  Even the Rogersville Drag Strip donated event tickets to see their races.  Gary Rowe and Dan Rockafellow are always wanting the best Ranger Derby events.  They once again succeed in that goal. 

Click on a picture for a larger event.  Zip File of all these pictures.

Mark Jones