This year’s SW Div. Winter Outing was a great success.  It was held on Jan. 21-22 2011 at Park  Crest Life 360 in Springfield Mo. 

         I want to thank everyone that came and participated in the outing.  I want to send out a special thank you to Norm Kirsch for heading up the kitchen with Don Higinbotham, Ray Reece, Ray Huffman, Rodney Lillard, Max Towler, Joe Zeh, David Jenkins, Bob Towne, and Tray Freeman and all the rest that helped in the Kitchen.  By preparing and serving great meals of Chile, Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs, Sausage,  and Hamburgers during the evening and the next day.

        A Big thank you to J. R. Whinery for doing the archery and even did it in doors.  For Ryan Reed for heading up the outside activities of Hawk and Knife.  With checkers and the stick drop and other games inside.  Frank Reed and Larry Toll and others with Larry Bartel from Tandy Leather doing all the leather craft.  By making pouches, hawk covers, knife covers, belts, and all sorts of items. 

        A thank you to Ray Reece and Bob Sederwall for doing the lashing merit, and Max Towler for doing the nature study merit.  Then a Big thank you to all who helped make this a Great Outing.  Also we had the BB gun shoot inside with a great bunch of guys running that. We had 23 old timer FCFer’s, 19 FCF young bucks, 14 old timer’s as visitors and 23 young men visitors.  This made a total of 79 people.  On Friday night after the Great Devotion from Richard Michael (2 arrows) we had 3 boys that came up for salvation.

        Saturday morning we had an inspiring devotion from Lawrence Brown (Little Buffalo), on salvation and John 3:sd16.  We also had a great overview of Rangers, FCF and what it takes to be an FCF Scout by our District Scout, Luke Cooper (Light Foot).   A special thank you to all for working together to make this a Great and Enjoyable Outing.  See you all in May at the Spring Outing at Sandstone Ranch.  

     Thank You Plainsman   (Pat Davis).

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