02-18-2023 Friday around noon to Saturday 3:30 pm.  We had a great time.  Low key FCF style camping in Canvas heated tents.

We have about 14 in attendance.  With Evangel Temple hosting this event.  With Ozark AOG and Strafford AOG attending.  Lot's of fun with

a mile of River frontage it was really fun for the boys that enjoyed the 26 degree temps for a low and the 55 degrees on Saturday.  No Rain!

This was my first time with a wood stove in my marquee.  The group of 5 did just fine and kept the wood stove going most of the night. 

Lot's of laughter and a neat time with a council fire inside a marquee with a wood stove.  Boys earned some trappers points setting up and breaking

down extra marquees for this event.  Having 14 to 17 year old boys on this event was like having a group of young men each one helping out and

sharing the load.  The boys cooked all of our Outpost meals and we cooked the menu they asked for Wed night.  They even did the shopping!

Short video on this event.  Thanks to Dan Rockafellow and Mark Jones for sharing these pictures with us.  Click on a picture for a larger view.

Great Cooks! They eat pigeon meat too!

Great help!

Heated Tent!

Cup Rack and water and stove station

ET Shelters

Marquee with Heat

Truck recharging chainsaw