2017 Cardboard Boat Regatta.  Updates as they come in.   Click on the Pictures for a larger view 

Special thanks to Rob Batchman, Jerry Millhouser, Dan Rockafellow Del Wales and Rob Helfer, Paul Mark and Tony Wellnetz for sharing the Pictures.

It takes Work but it's worth it!

Grace Community brings a WOW boat!

Aftermath of a Wet Regatta!


The cardboard boat regatta started and the rain came pouring!  After the first race was finished a halt was called.  We were never able to resume the race.  Around 11:30 the decision was made to cancel the rest of the regatta due to the rain and lightning.  There were 107 camping overnight and 93 rib dinners were served. 

Reimbursement checks will be sent to those who request it.  Please contact me to let me know what amount you would like refunded.  A contribution would help to cover all the costs of the event.  I have three pairs of shoes and a T-shirt that were left behind.  Attached are photos.  I will bring them to the Day Camp on Saturday (August 19th).   

Thanks to all who helped clean up and load the trailer at the end.  May the Lord continue to guide and protect us in this important ministry. 

Ray L. Reece, SW Division Director


It always starts off with a plan.  Then the material.  Then the build.  Then the RACE!  Wooo Whooo!  Zip file of all these pictures.

August 4th, 2017.  Perfect weather.  A high of 80 and a low in the mid 60 degrees.  That means great camping weather.  10 outposts converged at Mutton Creek to once again brave the Wet 'n Wild Cardboard boat regatta.  Our outpost early group met at 10 am and went over to Southern Missouri Containers and picked up a trailer load of double thickness cardboard.  About 90 sheets 40" high by 90 x 90 wide.  We had used 5 milk cartons and 2x4's across the trailer sides and strapped it down.  Returned to the Ranger Annex and off loaded it into the back room of the Ranger Annex.  We had a 3/0 door in there and it was always difficult getting stuff in and out of there.  A new door added a 6/0 opening and it was a blessing going in and going out. 

We stopped by the purple burrito and scarf fed down some food.  On the way to Stockton lake had to pull over for a good ole fashioned puking preformed by one of our star boys.  BONUS!.   Arrived at campground and unloaded and they guys swam as I assembled and set stuff up.  Every now and then I had to beller for help and they came running.  A GREAT CREW!  We enjoyed a nice afternoon and found the water to be warmer then being in wet clothes on ground.  Fire was a blessing.  Friday night at 7pm Ray Reece and Dan Rockafellow put on a feed 109 Rib Dinners!.  Wow!  Ribs, Baked Potato, Smoked Green Beans, Salad, Kool-Aid and Trimmings and pudding!  All that for 5.00 best bargain anywhere!  What a draw!  Council fire by Rob Batchman at 8:45 pm.  Lots of praying for boys at the end of the service and hanging out around the fire.

Saturday morning was beautiful.  Perfect weather.  We enjoyed break fast.  All the Outpost were registered and the staff was signed up.  8:30 Judges were selected from each attending Outpost represented.  We put their names in a hat and draw 5 out of the hat. 

The judges were soon going around to each boat observing while Richard Michael interviewed the captains' of the boats. 

READY SET GO!  We thought we had some time.  11:00 am.  We could get the boats raced 4 at a time in by then...Have devotion after the races.  We were wrong.  We got one race in and then it started raining and lightning.  Now we have raced in the rain..but the lightning just kept up and kept up and the hard rain was cold.  It was TERRIBLE weather.  At about noon we called it and folks packed  up and went home.

We got a short lull and launch 2 boats because we had put a lot of hard work in them and they were not going back to our outpost.  I find building the boats with the boys is worth 5 merits in worth.  It teaches them allot of things.  Commanders.  Hands on stuff like this is awesome stuff.  Compare this type of stuff with a power point presentation of a merit and folks they are not even in the same galaxy.  Make events like these.  It builds life long bonds and teams that just keep on giving and serving and loyal to God and His Church.  It's just good stuff. 

So the Wheel in the Sky boat.  We launched it.  I had two smaller Adventure  boys in it.  I made a few design flaws.  Main thing was the outer rings were not water proofed.  The hole the boys got in and out should have only been 1" away from the floatation boxes.  This would have lightened the paddle wheels and the boys would have had a better chance at it.  Also the Boat needed a center Ring of support if not an extra 3 of them.

We unloaded the cardboard to the burn pile and then unloaded the wet gear at the Annex to dry out.  Then put on dry clothes and had Brunch at Steak n Shake.  It was 7 pm before I had stuff wiped off and put back up.  Wet stuff molds and it's hard on PA systems and such.  Some WD-40 prevents a lot of failure down the road.  Wet stuff air drying will get it cleaned up in a few days.

This years Regatta was a WET 'n Wild Royal Flush with Lightning.  What a time of team building and character development and prayer around the fire.  It was tough but it's worth it.

I have only seen God change the weather one time in my life that I can remember.  At my daughter OUTSIDE wedding.   When I was talking to her about it.  She said.  "Daddy why would God do that to me?,  I have had a devotion with him every night before bed since I was able to read.  I saw with my own eyes the radar screen where the weather parted before us and went back together after us for 2 hours just enough time to get through the service and get the chairs in before it got them all wet.   We serve a great God and a little wet and wild weather just makes us stronger! 

Next year lets bring it on for the Glory of God!

Mark Jones, Regatta Race Coordinator

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Then the material.

We had a great turn out and wanted to say thanks to Bill Rhodes, David Julian, Dan Rockafellow, Jimmy Winch, Justin Fisher, Mark Jones and a special thanks to Brent Breshears for the use of his truck and trailer to haul the cardboard.

Special thanks to SMC Southern Missouri Containers for the donation of the corrugated fiber board...we know it as cardboard.

We sent another 10 sheets home with Dan and Justin not shown in this picture.  This is great boat building material. 

SMC donated this trailer load of 90 sheets of corrugated fiber board, I call Card Board.

Get while the getting is easier

Just before we left for the race we had a crew and put them to use hauling in some more cardboard


Then the Crafting.  and a song that just keeps playing in my mind as I work on this boat.  (it's ok to cock your head and look at me sideways...God's working on me)

Winter is here again oh lord,
Haven't been home in a year or more
I hope she holds on a little longer
Sent a letter on a long summer day
Made of silver, not of clay
I've been runnin' down this dusty road

Wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'
I don't know where I'll be tomorrow
Wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'

I've been trying to make it home
Got to make it before too long
I can't take this very much longer
I'm stranded in the sleet and rain


79" tall x 67 wide sides are 3 double ply staggered

2 boys will power it.

Each box was made from flat cardboard then wrapped in paper

2 layers of double thickness cardboard to run on

I now have 40 of these clamps.. 12 clamps for 100.00 smackers. I need another 40...more over time!

So many have to clamp joints

This Hamster Wheel boat is the largest boat job I have ever built. It has taken twice as much time as any boat I have made in the past.  Yet like fireworks its just a fun thing to do.

11 to 13 year old boys in Wheel boat pushing on 1.5" plastic pipe. Yellow wheels run free on pipe and track on cardboard inside of wheel.

Over view of the Paddle System and Rudder view.

Installed now and just about linked up with mule tape


Day Spring Boat build

Working with boys is so crucial to a great program

Great looking boat. I hope it wins!

Papering outside of boat and wood block clamps.

This clamping system works. 2 chipboard blocks on each side and use 2 type thread deck screws. They pull the cardboard together.

Messy work. Lay down some cardboard or a tarp on the floor.

Wait for it....Wait for it... It's coming along GREAT!

These guys injoyed this craft!

Wow laminated signs they survied!

These 3 with the help of 3 more built their boat in 2 hours.

Duck Captian discussing with Boat Captian how to stay afloat on Land!

This boat and crew were only one of 4 that got to race! Lightning shut us down.

Saw Bones was a heavy Competitor!

Wheel in the Sky Captian

Just before we got the Royal Flush!

Boat Captians being interviewed