What a time we had! May 22nd - 23rd, 2021. Well the weather forecast was a bomb. Muddiest camp out I have ever been on! YES we had a great time and Yes we had 77 in attendance with 21 candidates stompin mud for our outpost it was 3 days!  

While Thursday was mostly dry when we were setting up 2 marquees it wasn't long before the weather forecast kept saying it was going to be NO RAIN and it just kept raining! Friday night it was so muddy that any 4 wheel drive truck would get stuck if it left the gravel drive!   We purchased some 10 square bales of hay and our District Director using the Gator brought in another 15 bales of hay.

Our FCF Spring Outing camp shifted to closer to the gravel and some folk stayed hi and dry in the log cabin and the Activities building. Yet they stayed the course and we still had a great time.

This event was a bring your own cook your own or go hungry event. Our outpost have been working on Dutch Oven Cooking so we cooked GREAT meals over the campfire with the help of a commander or two the boys did a great job cooking. Chicken and dumplings was awesome! Bacon and sweet rolls and juice and sandwiches helped keep the cooking time short. Yet 2 evening meals were full bore Dutch oven cooking.

With the weather and mud other contests were side stepped for in outpost leather crafting making sheaths and grinding knives in the black smith shop and setting rivets in leather for knife handles as well as lots of hawk and knife and flint and steel practicing.

Saturday afternoon at our Frontier Adventure Closing Ceremony we enjoyed giving gifts to our new candidates to name a few that I saw was leather craft kits, throwing knives, shirts, sheaths and oak keep sakes with the date carved in them.

At 1pm on Saturday the rain stopped and it slowly started to loose the puddles and just leave mud and we enjoyed a perfect weather event from then on to Saturday noon.

Getting our gear out was a tote. Most any vehicle that left the gravel got stuck so we enjoyed extra exercise hauling our stuff!

At home in my driveway I found the pressure washer a real blessing cleaning off the mud from our ground tarps and other gear. Vehicles took several washing to get the mud off but by noon on Monday all was clean and put away .... ready for Pow Wow in 10 days!

The Blessing. While I was cleaning up and singing to myself praise and worship God reminded me the joy there is being a born again Christian doing muddy jobs like this and just being Blessed by it!   Mark Jones "Grin"  Daniel Boone Chapter FCF Company Clerk reporting

Click on a picture for a larger view.  Special thanks to Rob Batchman, Mark Jones and Dan Rockafellow and Facebook for sharing the pictures with us.